I have a New Pet Peeve

People who drop conversations suddenly. I'm talking about the people that you're emailing (or whatever method of communication), three or four emails go by on both parts, and suddenly, there is no response from the person you're talking to. Why is this?

Chances are, I'm simply responding out of politeness, and not because I really care to talk to you. Chances are also that you contacted me and not the other way around. Maybe I wasn't what you expected. Although, if you'd read a damned thing I'd say anywhere (here, myspace, wherever), you'd have a pretty good idea of who I am and what you were likely to get.

Lest there be further confusion, I'll break it down for you right now.

× If I call you my friend (or homie), that means you are. There aren't many people I care to call my friends, so choose to be flattered, and don't abuse it. If I consider you a friend, I'm going to do my best not to abuse your friendship.

× I am abrasive. I am sarcastic. I am obnoxious. I am outspoken. And I am honest. If you can't handle any of this, don't waste your time or mine. Especially mine. Do what you want with your own.

× I prefer animals to people. I really do. This isn't an exaggeration or just something I say every once in awhile. It is true. A reason I prefer animals (among many) to people is because they're nonjudgmental and you can always tell when they don't like you. There are no false pretenses when you're an animal. A friend of mine does not have to love animals as much as I do, but they do have to understand and respect my opinion, as well as they have to take care of the animals they have, or simply not have any. If you don't like animals, I will respect that, so long as you don't have any. And for those of you who are all pissy because you think I prefer animals to my friends, you're clearly too inept to realize there is no correlation between how I feel about animals and people. It's not even the same game, folks.

× I don't fall into the "gossipy, catty bitch" crowd. Not by any stretch of the imagination. If I gossip, I'm doing so only to my friends. Oh Vix, that's still gossip! Yes. Congratulations on that outstanding revelation. While you're making discoveries, know that I'm also catty too, and while you're on a roll here, it's also a given that I'm a bitch. Bravo. But I am not a gossipy, catty bitch. I do not gossip to hurt somebody (drop the 'gossipy'), I do not gossip to spread rumors (drop the 'catty'), I do not gossip to make me feel powerful (drop the 'bitch'). I gossip because what I know, my friends know. It's a group effort. I trust my friends, or they wouldn't be my friends, not to go running around saying "Vix said this!" And they don't. Because I choose my friends wisely.

× I am considerate. Shockingly enough, I am quite considerate. I don't play my music too loud at 3 a.m., I don't race people to the merge spot on the highway, I always use my turn signals and I always dim my brights. I don't fight or argue with friends or other loved ones in public (not usually, I have on occasion done this, and it's something I try hard not to do) unless jokingly. For example: friends and I will sit at a break table and bicker. This is more comical than anything, as my friends are a little off, too.

× I am friendly. This is probably the most difficult to believe, but it's true. I am nice to strangers. Hence the reason I respond politely to emails and other attempts at conversation (which I mentioned above, and is a large part of the reason behind this post). I wave at my neighbors, I wave and apologize when I accidentally cut someone off on the street, I talk to strangers, I recommend good movies when it looks like someone's having trouble deciding, I help with homework and clothing choices (even with strangers), and I let little old ladies get in front of me in grocery lines.

× I do not stab people in the back. I am far more likely to stab them in the chest, right through the heart (figuratively speaking, of course). I am not out to hurt anybody, but I have no problems doing so when it's necessary. Necessity usually occurs when I've been betrayed, or lied to, or otherwise stabbed in the back. Then all bets are off. Oh you best believe it.

× When I'm done, I'm done. Simply that. I put up with a lot of shit from people I care about, but when I reach the "enough is enough" stage, there is no turning back. I'll add here that I do not ever put up with infidelity, lying, or otherwise making me look like an idiot for not knowing you're a degenerate loser.

× Once in awhile, I have been known to make errors in judgment, but not often. Usually I have a pretty good reading on who I'm involved with (friends, significant others, so on) but sometimes, even I get snowed. Yes, this pisses me off. No "awwww pooor you's", thank you. I'll get over it. I learn from these mistakes. You should too.

I believe that concludes this lesson. If you have questions, ask.

Undoubtedly nobody will.

That's ok. The rules still apply.

Back to the topic at hand. Don't be a coward. If we're talking and suddenly, for whatever reason, you decide you'd like to stop, just fucking say so. Believe me when I say, I'm not going to bother you about it. Hell, I won't likely even question you about it. I'll carry on a conversation with just about anybody so long as it's general. If the conversation begins to cross into personal and I'm not interested in it going there, trust me, I'd tell you.


ServMe said...

If this is about me not continuing the conversation we started a couple of posts ago, I was under the impression we reached a full stop in that one.

If it was not, I'm giving myself way too much credit and hence now making a fool out of myself. I'm good at it, and it being April Fools day, I think it's appropriate as well.

I was kind of waiting and reading till something new popped up where I could make some smart assed comment again. So far, I didn't find it. Or I lost my arse. I'll get back to you on that.

TroubleX2 said...

BRAVO!!!! love the way you talk, very to the point. As far as your view on animals...me 2!

Vixen said...

ServMe - No, no, I was actually referring to a couple people I talked to briefly on MySpace. But now that you mention it...

Trouble - Thank you! I'm always amazed when someone agrees with me, lol