Is it a Full Moon?

Everyone's a fucking ass today! I'm in class, everything seems peachy, the teacher lets us out early, so two of my classmates and I (we'll call them 'Blond' and 'Brunette' for now) decide to head over to the campus bookstore to find out which book is used for A&P this coming semester. Blond has a book from when she took it before and will sell it for $100 cheaper than the bookstore will. Both Brunette and I are enrolled in A&P, only she's taking it online. Anyway, the last time I went to the bookstore to get books, they had yellow caution tape up across the aisles. I asked, and they said to just go under it and find the books I needed. Well today, Blond and I crawl under it to check out which book will be used. The 'Old Bitch' at the counter snaps at us and tells us we can't be back there. Blond told her we were just checking out a book to see if it matched hers, and Old Bitch told us that all the books weren't in, they weren't selling books right now, we couldn't be back there, etc. We came out, waited for Brunette to make her purchase and Blond asked Old Bitch if she could tell her what book would be used for A&P. Old Bitch ignored her at first, then after Blond asked again, she told her that she didn't know, and nobody would know till they came in on May 12th.

For one, this is bullshit, because if the books are going to be here by May 12th, then they've already been ordered. If they've already been ordered, someone knows what book they asked for. It's not a miraculous chain of events occurring here, books aren't just shipped telepathically.

We went back to our classroom and mentioned it to the teacher who called the campus store. She's going to find out for us.

So back in the classroom, class is already over, but we're sitting around talking. Blond and I are discussing A&P and how hard she thought it was and how difficult I heard it was going to be. I say again, not for the first time, that I don't believe in dissection. It's against my moral beliefs. If they want to slap a cadaver on a slab and give me a scalpel, that's fine.. But I won't be slicing any animals open that were murdered just so that some stupid little students in entirely unrelated courses can cut them open to gain knowledge that they will never need. Sorry.

Many medical schools don't even use animals for dissections, they use computers.

Anyway, we're talking, minding our own business when Mr. Happy (we all call him that) pops off that I should just "march my little butt over there and tell them I won't be doing the dissection". I was a bit caught off guard, because nobody was talking to him, and I don't have a little butt, but I said that I planned on doing just that. And he told me that was good, that if I couldn't handle it, I needed to rethink my profession. Well by now, I was on guard. I responded, "oh absolutely, because I'm sure I'll be cutting open many, many fetal pigs in my job as Medical Record Transcriptionist"

He informed me that it's part of the curriculum and that's just how it is. So I told him that I'm a vegetarian animal welfare activist and it was against my moral principles to have any animal killed just so I could cut it open to learn things I'll never need to know. He tells me that it is necessary for us to know the body systems in order to do our jobs. I tell him that dissecting a pig, or a cat, a sheep's brain, a cow eyeball, or anything else animal oriented isn't going to teach any of us a damned thing about the body systems of a human being. Again he told me that I needed to find a new profession if I can't handle this one. Finally, I snapped at him. "You know, Mr. Happy (I used his real name), the fact that you condone senseless, unfair, barbaric, and abusive habits for shit you don't need to know says an awful lot more about your character than it does mine. Maybe you should rethink your profession and become the gas-switch flipping consciousless motherfucker that kills the animals. Your talent is wasted here in a humane profession."

He was silent. But not like a "oh you got me" silence, but a silence that said "I'm not going to argue with you, you young (much younger than him), opinionated, slightly-insane and quite possibly dangerous bitch."

What the fuck is wrong with people?!

And I'm not referring to me!

So then, the next teacher comes in, who teaches the class right after mine; and mind you this is the teacher that told me I was welcome to sit in anytime I wanted, even though I've already taken the class. And this time when she comes in, she sits and glances up at the clock like she's annoyed I'm still there! I tell Blond and Brunette that I have to go because I'm evoking hostility today and I leave.

This teacher also, by the way, told me I should go to a clinical with my classmates - even tho my prereqs aren't completed for that, and I told her no, because I wasn't wasting a Friday (last Friday) in a class I wasn't getting credit for anyway. She says "Oh heaven forbid you get more education than you need!"

Crazy fucking people.

I told her to make sure I got credit for it when I'm up to do it in a few months, and I'd be glad to go. Until then.. Um. No.

I'm considering not leaving the house again today. I'm pissing people off everywhere I go. Normally I enjoy this type of thing, but I'm not even trying this time!


Isis said...

OMFG, no wonder yesterday was so damn shitty, it was Thursday and I never even realized it...

Damn girl, you're rubbing off on me, lol.

I'm even starting to suffer your curses!!

Berryvox said...

Mr. Happy's an asshole. You're right. They should convert to computer programs.

Oh, and $100+ for a book almost made me faint.

Vixen said...

Isis - I believe in sharing the misery... And Thursdays ARE evil.. Why does nobody believe me??

Berryvox - Yeah, that book is like $150 bucks. It's one of the more expensive books I've seen. Ridiculous.