I've Created a Monster

First of all, this is only part of what has happened to give me the idea that my Nugget is a monster. I went to class this morning and decided to take notes. I don't usually do this because we get outlined handouts. I grabbed my notebook (that contains ALL my notes for ALL my classes) and proceeded to open it. Try to open it, anyway. The pages were stuck together at the bottom corner. It dawned on me immediately that my Nugget dog must have gotten ahold of it. But what confused me was that this corner was sort of fused together. Like the dog has glue for saliva or something.

So I'm sitting here trying to pull the pages apart, with I'm sure sort of an idiotic amused grin on my face. I look up, one of my classmates is looking at me kind of weird, smiling, I mouthed the word "dog" and she nodded with understanding. I've talked about this little monster, often. I'm trying not to laugh as I'm working on the pages, and it doesn't even dawn on me that the teacher has stopped talking. "Are you having problems there?" she asks. I look up, she's looking at me, I burst into laughter. Hysterical. No lie. I try to apologize profusely, but obviously the "profuse" part is kind of difficult because I'm starting to think I may need oxygen. I can't quit laughing. By now the class is laughing with me.

WITH me, damnit, not AT me!

I finally managed to mutter "my dog... I don't know how... Glue... Stuck... He got it..." and more hysterical laughter.

The teacher, who I couldn't tell if she was annoyed or trying not to laugh replied with "Oh, like I've never heard that excuse before!"

I apologized again, and went back to my notebook. Everyone now probably thinking I'm insane.

Maybe I am.

Most of the rest of the class period was spent trying not to start laughing again.

Don't ask. I don't know.

Yes, I know he's cute, but he's obnoxious.


Isis said...

blame it all on the poor innocent puppy, you know Dingo could just be setting the newcomer up!!xx

Vixen said...

Dingo is the greatest, sweetest, most innocent and loving, not to mention handsomest dog that ever graced the face of this earth. I do not suspect him. He would do NO SUCH THING!

I'm sure of it.