Listen Up, People

To your left you'll read "Raffle to benefit one of our own! Click for details!"

Go on, click it.

I don't know Lisa personally, but a lot of you probably do. Here's what happened:

I'm trolling around the internet as I tend to do when I'm putting off homework. I come across Why Are You Stalking Me?, a blog I've read a few times. It says "Too Much to Process - First of all, please don’t forget to give if you can to Lisa."

I finished the post and read on to "This is not a joke" where I clicked on Lisa's link. I read her post, the following comments, commented myself and then found myself at Miss Ann Thrope's place, but I'm entirely unsure as to how I got there.

Anyway, I read her post, snagged a button and brought it here.

I'm so impressed and smooshified by what they've done and are continuing to do for Lisa, that I find I've grown a bit soft.

Don't worry, it won't last.

But go help Lisa out if you possibly can. Put a button on your site.. Read her, support her, and even if you don't know her, she is still one of us.

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