Nobody EVER Ask Me Again

Why I hate cats.

Mom and I went to her friend's house (The Crazy Cat Lady) to watch the 48 Hours Mystery on TV. Well, she has 3 cats: one that's afraid of people, one very timid and usually stays in hiding, and Satan in Cat Form.

I have been trying to befriend Satan in Cat Form for quite awhile now, because I thought deep down, he might just have some issues relating to others. We did alright for awhile, but last night.. Last night I went to pet him, slowly of course because he's hateful, and he sniffed before pushing his head into my hand. I pet him for a couple minutes, scratching under his little chin. Then out of nowhere, before I could react, he bit me. Got my right index finger and the area below it towards my thumb. Now I've made it clear that I'm allergic to cats, and rumor has it that cat bites hurt anyway, imagine how my hand felt. And still feels. It took off a couple skin layers and bled for quite awhile. The CCL brought me band aids and covered my hand with Mecuricomb (whatever the fuck it's called - that pinkish/orangish stuff you put on open cuts) and I barely lived to tell you that it hurt like all hell. I'm still covered with band aids because anything touching it still hurts like all hell.

I've never been seriously bitten by anything before, not a cat, not a dog. That should say something. Cats are wicked and disgusting and hateful.

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