Rumor Has It

That my blog loads really slow.. Well it's not really a rumor I guess, but while I've heard it's pretty quick, now I've been told it's really slow. I know most people aren't on dial up anyway, but I am, and if it's slow I don't want that because I know how bad sluggish internet sucks.

So tell me, does my blog load slow?


Simon said...

Yes. :P

Isis said...

took me a while there to even figure out if I had a login here, I haven't commented in forever (yes I'm an asshole just like everyone else - but that's the next post)

Anyways, it's not slow at all, some mornings it takes a little longer than others but 10 seconds would be the longest it's ever taken for me.

Vixen said...


I originally cared if my blog loaded slow but since I got no immediate response, I no longer care.

I don't care! I DON'T CARE!

So there.