Do This

As I stated, Nina is going to Pet Connections in Mission, KS on the 23rd of this month.

I will be donating as much as possible to this rescue when I take her there.

For some reason (maybe lack of response by you folks), I'm not expecting anything here, but I'm asking anyway.

Donate to this rescue. You can do so by the button to your left that says "Donate" - this goes to my paypal account. As I stated before, everything that is donated goes to the animals. Until further notice, everything donated goes to Pet Connections in Nina's name.

You can also donate via the Chip-In at the bottom of this post. Again, this goes to my paypal, with the same guarantees I made above.

If you don't trust me (and while this hurts my feelings, I understand), click HERE to donate directly to Pet Connections. Tell them it's in Nina's name!

Please let me know via response to this post or email me at scalvak@gmail.com and let me know that you've donated.

It'll give me a bit more faith in humanity.

Do this for Nina, and all the other animals like her. Pet Connections does good. Let's support them.

Thank you.

Removed: Chip-In

You people suck.

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