I'm Still Alive

Just in case you're wondering.

I really don't think I have anything new to add though. Oh. I'm officially a CNA.

I bet everyone is as thrilled as I am. <-- That was sarcasm.

7+ years of college and I have a CNA license to show for it! In my next life, I'm sticking to one major. Remind me. Would you know, I've switched majors 4 times? And it's not even that I've really switched, I've just kind of added on. Oh yes. I started in Law, then took a few Coding classes. When there's a lull in the Coding schedule, I've taken more Law classes. Then, I took Nursing pre-reqs, and am supposed to apply in a couple months. And somewhere in there, I started in on Transcription classes, because frankly, I hate Coding. THEN (!), along the lines in there, I'm a little way into Business classes... And Health... And Nutrition..

I could be a Doctor by now! Seven fucking years in college. The problem is, the Coding and Transcription classes aren't good for anything else. Nothing. Seriously. I have very little time left in there, and I have to finish, or I've wasted a lot of time. If the classes were useful anywhere else, I'd drop the Coding. I hate it, did I mention that? At least it's almost over.

I'm turning into a Career Student.

When I graduate, you know what I want? I want someone to pay off my student loans. That's what I want.

Ok... /rant off

I have to go do homework.

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