My Very First Rescue

(That I actually had to work for.)

Dingo and Nugget were both rescues, for sure, but this one..

Her name's Nina, although I'm considering changing it to Brandy (depending if she knows her name already), because that was the name of my beloved first dog.

She was in the Emporia Shelter, and just got out today. A woman I met via MySpace pulled her from the shelter and is bringing her to me tomorrow morning. I will be keeping her until I go to Kansas City on the 23rd of this month, where I will be taking her to The Pet Connection in Mission, KS.

I haven't met Nina yet, but was told that she's absolutely wonderful. Approximately 20lbs, jumped onto the lap of the woman who pulled her and gave her kisses. A woman who works at the shelter cried when Nina left.

I will meet her tomorrow!

Here's a picture of Nina from the shelter:

She's safe! And it's because of me!

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Berryvox said...

She's adorable! And nice work on the grades. :)