A&P or Suicide. Why is this such a difficult Choice?

If you’re following my twitters, you know I fell out of my computer chair again. This time because the back of the chair fell off. (First time was because the chair arm fell off.) I clearly need a new chair – but I love this one. I’m not sure why, it’s not remotely comfortable, but I’m attached to it regardless. Anyway.. I have a huge bruise on my ass. It hurts. Awful. It hurts to sit, it hurts to walk.. When it first happened, it hurt to breathe. I laid on the floor (shut up!) and tried to convince myself I wasn’t having a heart attack from 1. the shock, and 2. the pain.

It’s probably a good thing my butt is extra padded.. and the metal piece of the chair that fits into the seat of the chair didn’t come into contact with my tail bone instead of my fat, which would have likely cracked it (that’s how hard I hit)… You don’t know pain until you’ve hit your tailbone. I hurt just thinking about it.. Or maybe that’s just the massive contusion on my ass.

I took pictures even, that’s how bad this bruise is – I have to remember it later! It’s likely the worst bruise I’ve ever had.

No, you can’t see it.


I cried.

See folks, only two things can make Vix cry: puppies and butt bruising.

So onward.. I have more pain to share. I started Human A&P today. Need I say more?

Everyone said to me, “whatever you do, don’t take it in the summer, and definitely don’t take it with Professor ‘********’.” So what am I doing, you ask? I’m taking it in the summer with Professor ‘********’. What? Wouldn’t you?

Professor seems very nice, very accommodating, etc., but it also seems that Professor has ADD. He’s drawing cells, diagrams, and definitions on the white board at warp speed and explaining it even faster.


I’m not a science student. Never have been. I hate this shit. More than I ever realized before today, actually. I’ve also been told that I won’t get an A in A&P – because it’s just that hard. Oh! And I “shouldn’t take any other classes with it”.. I’m also in DP/MIS and CMA, for a grand total of 12 credit hours this semester. (Last was 17.) So now see, I’ve entered this class not only against the advice of everyone I know, but also knowing full well that dissection is a requirement.

I could be doomed.

You think?

I am hereby stating that due to the opposition I’ve faced and the thinly veiled insults about “oh Vix, you can’t get an A in this class!”, that I’m going to do just that.

Place your wagers on me, folks.. And bet high. And then thank me with cash.

I just got my grades for the interterms I just survived – Fitness for Life – B (I aced the discussion and assignment, but the tests did me in with a C in one and 3 B’s in the others), and Micro-Lit – A. Duh.

That gives me, for the spring semester: 4 A’s, 3 B’s, and 1 P(ass).

A ‘friend’ has asked requested me out my on a date company to “celebrate my grades”.

I’m not interested in him as more than a friend; he’s got kids. He’s been subtly hinting towards dating me, but I’ve deflected it. I would like to go out with him, but only as a friend, and only for fun – nothing serious.

I’ll tell you about him anyway:

He’s 42, 6’2, blown hair/blue eyes, has an ex-wife, no tattoos/piercings (strike 1) has 4 kids (strike 2, 3, 4, and 5), and has a bachelors in automotive something and a masters in something else that I simply can’t recall. I’m not enough of a gold digger that I can evade the fact that a man has brats precious offspring.

I’ll let you know if I go out with him.. But I’m thinking, maybe no.

I’m afraid that’s it for now though, my ass hurts and I have got to get out of this chair.

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Isis said...

you only live once, try it you just might like it - the celebratory date that is....