My Happy Place

I took my A&P test this morning. 85%. B. About what everyone else got.. Some higher, some lower.

I should be happy with a B. I'm not.


Because I have over 170 flash cards, 9 diagrams (which I entirely spaced while studying -- for some reason forgot all about them. The REASON I only got a B!), and 17 pages of notes. This class just started 9 days ago (7 class days), and that's just too much for the extent of the above amount of information.

That aside, I got a B.

So why do I want to bang my head on my desk?

It could have been much worse. I know of at least one that flunked and several others that scored in the low 70's. So I should be ok with a B. Right?

It's supposed to get easier from here...

Oh! And I have a Lab test tomorrow morning. I'd be thrilled with a B in Lab!

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