Words Cannot Express

Just how fucking tired I am. So I'm adding pictures to ensure you get the full effect:

Yeah.. Anyway, I'm exhausted. I have written over 170 flash cards for a test coming up tomorrow, and that doesn't even include the diagrams or the microscope, or the skull bones. Nor does it include things like steps in muscle contractions, etc.

On the light side, the teacher has a rather nice back. But that's also bad as well, because who can concentrate on what he's saying then? Talk about a lose-lose situation.

My last post, below, wasn't my chair, or my sweet hateful little Nugget, but a stray cat that's been hanging around on my front porch for several weeks. We finally found her a likely home, but she has to go to the vet first to be spayed and blood tested for Feline Leukemia and FIV. She also appears to have been attacked by something recently, as her head has two bald patches, open wounds, and infection.

I made up to her the other night, petting her, and she would eat out of my hand.. I picked her up with no problem, but when I went to put her into the crate, she postalized, and tore my hand up in the process. We haven't gotten her yet, but we're not giving up. My hand is healing pretty well, but if Kitty vanishes within the next 10 days, I'll be getting rabies shots. (Several have mentioned tetanus shots, and I'll have you know mine are up to date. That's one thing I keep up-to-date.)

How many signs do you think I'll need before it gets through my thick damn skull that I should just stay away from cats? I have never met a cat that I liked.. At least not long term. I've been bitten (by many, but most recently, the Crazy Cat Lady's cat -- I have a scar btw) and scratched (again, by many -- first time I recall being when I was just a kid and trying to get a kitten out of the street) so many fucking times, I'm honestly rather surprised I haven't gotten Cat Scratch Disease yet. Really. Cats are filthy, bacteria laden creatures. And here I am, getting mauled by fucking felines on an almost regular basis, and I don't even like the damn things.

When you try to help a dog, nine out of ten times, you will not get bitten. After this cat is caught and taken to the vet, I won't be doing this again. I'm sticking to dogs, because frankly, this shit is ridiculous.

Other than that, I have no real news to share. I've been leading a very dull life these days.

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