It Would be So Nice..

if every "man" on the planet wasn't the exact same.

The first time The Mechanic made any serious effort to get together was yesterday -- when he was in town with his fucking kid. They wanted to go to a movie at 8, but I was a little ways out of town at a restaurant and a storm hit and so that's where I was at 8. The next showings were 10:40 and 11:10. I texted and told them that, but got no response until after 10 when the movie was over -- and then it was his daughter.

She asked if I was going on vacation with them, I asked when they were going, and she said Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. Well my state board is Wednesday afternoon, so clearly, I can't go. He knew when my boards were, and had said before that we'd go Wednesday night.

Doesn't particularly matter anyway, seeing as I had already decided not to go.

Anyway, I texted his kid a little while, and during the conversation she told me that "He is really sweet let me tell u my mom made a big mistake when she let him go". I kid you not. Does that not sound entirely inappropriate for a 14 year old to say about her father? Yeah, I thought so. I think there may be some inappropriate shit going on there. Call it a hunch.

Anyway, I haven't heard a word from him all day. I've texted him three times: first asking what the problem was this time, and then I resent that text.. Next I said "well then, ok".

Back to the "what's wrong with me?" question.. Why does it piss me off so badly that he's too cowardly to say anything? If he doesn't want to talk, say so. Why are all men such cowards? They're supposed to be the "stronger" sex.



He's clearly a selfish fuck that wants everything on his terms. Can you imagine what great fun a Missouri trip with him and his daughter would have been? It all would have revolved around her. And when he was sending me suggestive texts about being alone and a huge waterbed? And then saying we'd spend the weekend in KC alone? Does he seriously.. And I ask this obvious answer question seriously.. Did he seriously think I was going to fornicate with him? A 42 year old Momma's boy with a Daddy's girl all his own? Overweight (which doesn't bother me), balding, and what has got to be not the best job on the planet.. And catering to some spoiled little "butt-ugly" 14 year old kid who clearly has him by the balls.


Can he really think I'd fuck him??

I'm nauseated. So nauseated in fact, that if I don't hear from him this evening (which I'm thinking I won't), that he's not even worth playing with anymore.. And I'm blocking his number. Because you know, eventually, the coward will try to make contact again.

They all do.

Fucking idiots.

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