Lost: My Mind

For various reasons, but one sticks out most at the moment:

My ex. His sister (She-Man) is in my CMA class. I should mention here for those of you that know my history with his family, that this isn't the sister that some of you know from Myspace -- This is the sister I originally met, the one that went home and told everyone "oh my god! She has purple hair and a nose ring!" She's also the one that called me a "whore". I went out with her this evening for coffee. We talked. For 3 1/2 hours. I seriously sat there for 3 1/2 hours listening to her talk about how she's cheating on her man, the Sheriff in some other city (I really can't recall) and how she's gone out to bars, gotten drunk and taken men home.. But she's "not a ho, really!"

She's 25, quite overweight, and looks like a man. But then again, all of his sisters do. They all look like him, which isn't good for girls. Wasn't all that great for him either.

She made a comment that she "knows she's not good looking or anything", and I rolled my eyes at that statement and told her that she has beautiful skin.

She wants to go out this Friday evening, presumably drinking.

Do I hold a grudge? You betcha!

Am I catty? You betcha!

Am I going? I just might.

She also wants me to come work at the Towers with her. She mentioned my having dated her brother, to which I simply replied that he just quit talking to me, but it wasn't going anywhere anyway so ultimately I'm glad. I also told her that we were only friends and hadn't dated in 6 years, so I don't understand why he didn't just tell me he had a girlfriend -- it's not like he and I had anything going. She was shocked, of course. As I figured, they all had thought I was still dating her brother.

Oh, and she also told me that their daddy fucked around on their mommy with the woman who's now their step-mommy and their real mommy fucked around on their daddy with the man who was their next door neighbor and is now their step-daddy. I already knew all of this. Don't ask how, but I did. This is the first I've been told by a person close to the source. I also know that two of the sisters, as well as my ex, refuse to speak to mommy because mommy cheated on daddy.. But all still talk to daddy, even after he cheated on mommy. What a convoluted clusterfuck.

Also, The Mechanic asked me if I wanted to just go on vacation after State Boards on the 30th (of this month). Then, as I mentioned previously, I had asked him to take me to KC on the 22nd of August. Here's a text I got this evening from him:

Thatl work branson sound alright to u? figured we could take d there then we could spend the weekend alone in kc the 22nd sound good?

Do you know how good that would sound to me if he were, say, anyone else?

By the way, The Mechanic texts like a fucking spaz, so any punctuation displayed here.. Yeah, I put it there for your reading ease.

I'm feeling a bit icky this evening. Could be due to the company I had a bit ago. Could also be due to the fact that it's almost 3 a.m., but I prefer to blame it on the "ho" I had coffee with.

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