Oh What Am I Doing Awake?

Well it's like this.

I went to bed at what, 4? I woke up at 6ish with a terrible headache. One of those 'oh-the-pain-I'm-going-to-puke' headaches. I took an Excedrin Extra Strength and laid back down. An hour later, I took another.

A bit later I think I took another, maybe two, but I can't quite recall.

That's why I quit taking Excedrin. Ah yes, now I remember.

Anyhoo, it's 9 now and I'm unable to sleep because I think the Excedrin may either be gnawing on my stomach lining or liquefying my small intestine. I'm hella pukey feeling. But my head feels a little better!

So I decided to come online, and post till I either puke, pass out, or change my address to the bathroom.

That all aside, I texted The Mechanic when I woke up, he gave me some advice such as:
"Put a warm washcloth over your forehead and eyes"
"Lay down", and
"Can your doctor give you anything?"

Don't worry, I played it up for sympathy. I was half expecting to hear how "Daddy'll take care of me."

He did tell me he'll check on me later.

Maybe I should tell him I'm looking for a father figure. That my daddy ran out on me when I was just a wee little thing.. Fourteen maybe.


Now I want to puke for other reasons.

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