Ok, I Ain't Gonna Lie

I'm simply pissed off about all of this blog shit. I want my old blog back - but I can't feel comfy posting there as long as whats'his'fuck is eye-fucking my goods.

So here's what I'm gonna do for all involved. I'm starting over.

Before you go into the 'Geez girl, pick a spot and stick with it!" Just don't. Please. Just don't.

I'm posting a few of the public-appropriate posts I made at Month of Thursdays - Karma Chronicles here, but not all. I'll bring over the few LJ posts that can be shared with the general public. But before I do these things, let me give you the background.

I go by Vixen, Scalvak, Scorpio Vixen, and now Kandie Kane. The reason for the variations is because as you can imagine, it's difficult to get the same name all the time.

If you see your name anywhere on this blog, you can email me and request it be removed (but don't hold your breath). Make sure you ask nicely. I don't like rude fucking people. Most likely, if you're mentioned here somewhere, you're probably going to be nicknamed at my own discretion. That said, don't assume that if I refer to "Snuggums Pookie Bear" that I'm referring to you. I'm likely not.

I'm going to lay down a few things you need to remember here. Don't panic ADHDs, I have very few.

1. This is my blog. I will say what I want. If you don't like it, I invite you to comment and let me know. I can, but likely will not delete any comments I deem inappropriate. I happen to like inappropriate, so it'll probably stay. But know that the decision is mine!

2. If you know me personally, refrain from taking anything I say here to heart. If I like you, odds are I will never speak badly about you, so you have nothing to worry about so long as you remain on my good side. My good side's much prettier anyway.

3. I live in a state of constant stress. I am always on the edge. Do us all a favor and don't tip that balance. Thank you.

I don't expect many readers, but that's unimportant. I'm not here for you. I'm here for me.

That out of the way: Hi.

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