Just Because You're Paranoid, Doesn't Mean They Aren't Out to Get You

So, yeah. What the Title says.

I know it's been awhile, and that's the only reason I'm really posting here right now at all.

So, an update.. Here ya go:

This semester is a fucking nightmare. I can't believe I honestly thought this shit was a good idea. I can't remember if I posted my schedule here or not and I'm too lazy to look, so I'll simply tell you again:

Micro-Applications - MWF 9:10-10:10am
Microbiology Lab - WF 8-9am
Microbiology Lecture - MWF 11:30-12:30pm
Nutrition - 12:40-1:40pm
Public Speaking - 1:50-2:50pm
Health Record App II - Thurs 10am-12pm

Then, I work (but not enough, as I'll get to in a bit) from 3-11:30pm.

Work, I'm averaging about 3 days a week, which isn't nearly enough to live on. Everything's due, and I have no clue how I'm going to cover any of it. The job's a fucking nightmare too, since I'm on topic..
I'm a Geriatric Drug Dealer, if you didn't already know. Last Monday I signed for Lantus (once-a-day insulin) for one of our diabetic residents. I either put it in my cart or in the fridge, but can't recall which since it was a busy night and I signed for several med couriers that evening - some of the meds which belong in the cart, some in the refrigerator. Anyway, on Friday one of the nurses tells me they can't find the Lantus I signed for and need to know where it is.. "We've looked in the cart and the fridge, and it's not in either place!" Uh-huh. Ok. Now first of all, what the hell use would I have for Lantus? I'm not diabetic, nor do I even know anyone that is aside from my elderly "customers". Had I been asked the question that evening, or Tuesday even, I would have responded with "I'll come find it," but since I was asked 5 (FIVE) days later, how the fuck could I possibly know where it is now after 3 other people were on the cart since? I'm not beyond saying maybe I made a mistake and forgot to put it in the fridge that night, but I am beyond being accused of shit five days after the fact. Whatever. Fuck 'em. Sounds questionable, doesn't it just?

I worked this weekend, and on Saturday evening I was passing out pills and get to one of my last customers.. To find that all three of her meds were not in the bubble pack for the 8th. I search the cart for the possibility that my packs were accidentally used instead of day shifts, and find that she doesn't double up on any of those particular pills that day. I tell the other Drug Dealer I'm working with and she repeats my steps, asking if I had accidentally given them to someone else. Um, no. Did I give them to this customer at 1700 instead of 2000 on accident? No, I hadn't seen the customer all day. Did I set them down somewhere and forget about it? Hmm.. Nope. In order to do so I'd have had to go completely out of order. Not to mention they would have appeared somewhere by the next day (which Sunday, they did not). She has no idea, I have no idea, the On-Call Nurse (which btw is simply an LPN) has no idea. Of course the common census is that it's somehow my fault, and I don't much care any longer if that's what they think, because over the years I've learned that what other people think of me is really none of my business. Can we say sab-o-tage? Fuck 'em.

When I started this job I told them I can't work Tuesdays. The reason being I have no classes on Tuesday and that gives me a whole one day a week that I can recuperate from the bullshit flying at me from all directions between the classes I hate and the job I despise. The DON at the time said that was just fine and didn't schedule me on Tuesdays. That DON quit (and believe me I can completely understand why) and was replaced with the current one who at the time I also told I couldn't work Tuesdays. When I was scheduled for every fucking Tuesday this month, I left her a note on her door telling her that I couldn't do it (I left the note because it was 2nd shift and she was already gone by the time I saw the schedule). Nothing changed.. Nothing changed.. What a surprise, nothing changed.. Last Monday, I go to the office, tell her I can't work Tuesdays, she says "oh, I'm sorry, I'll fix it right now!", I shoot her a thumbs up, call her awesome, say thank you and head on my merry little way. Turns out, what the woman did do was give me my Tuesdays off (presumably, since she never changed the schedule), but what she didn't do, was fill me in on any other days. Hence, leaving me working on average, 3 fucking days a week. Nevermind I'm supposed to be full time. Nevermind I need the insurance. Nevermind that I own my house and am still paying on it and my car.

Is it any wonder I'm losing my give-a-shit-ed-ness for this place?

My customers (otherwise known as "my people"), for the most part, are great. That seems to be the way it works in my jobs - my coworkers suck, but my people are pretty spiffy. I adore old people.

Most of them.

Every once in awhile you find one that you just can't adore, no matter how hard you try. I have one of those. I call her the Antichrist. She is too, no doubt. Mean, hateful, vicious old bitch. And we're not talking Alzheimer's or dementia, we're just talking downright old fashioned fucking hatefulness.

Anyway, onward here.. Umm.. I finally saw Saw V. As usual, I found it simply brilliant. I thought it was the last one, but VI is coming out in 09. I feel like a stupid little kid on Xmas eve! Aside from the fact I got stood up that night though, by someone I met on Facebook (yeah, THAT was a good idea). I'll be uncharacteristically less obnoxious here and not discuss it more than to simply say that it didn't begin to ruin my movie-going experience.. I just got to get hot for Tobin Bell instead.. Which turned out to be far more worth it ;)

Did I mention before (Maybe on Thursdays) that I love Tobin Bell? In a very inappropriate way even.

Well, I do.

I think that's all, for now.


Toni said...

it seems like you can't ever catch a break, eh buddy... are all the people in KS that miserable? haha

Vixen said...

Yes. I think they are, actually. If I could afford to, I'd be on my way out of here right now. Not that I've ever lived anywhere but KS, so I don't have much to compare it to, but I hate this place.

Toni said...

Vegas would be a wonderful place to live - I'd move there in a heartbeat, and hey even if I was homeless at least I'd never see -40 again..... haha