My list is much shorter than hers, I promise...

Ok, so what's to know?

- I dislike most people I meet, sometimes I meet people I can tolerate, rarely do I find someone I actually really like.

- If I do like you, you will have a friend for life (unless of course you fuck it up)

- My mother in law says that I'm the coldest person she's ever met.

- My father in law loved me and thought I could do no wrong.

- My husband is fucking amazing!!

- My family knows I'm a bitch.

- I want to travel the world.

- I drive a big ass red truck, complete with bush bars and airplane lights.

- I also drive a 300ZX when I get the itch to go fast.

- I am a lazy workaholic, I have a full time job, 2 part time jobs and just signed on for a teaching position on a part time basis.

- I also volounteer for 3 organizations. One I'm an administrator, one I'm 1st Vice President and Secretary, at the third I'm just a worker bee...

- I LOVE LAS VEGAS - I'd even move there if I were independantly wealthy.

- Old people really like me for some reason.

- I make babies cry.

- I love my furry little bastard (that would be the pussy cat)

- I get bored way too easily.

- My birthday is also on the 17th.

- I'm an aquarius.

- The only reason I'm quiet is because I'm scheming.

- mmmmmmmmm, meat!

- Trailer Park Boys are my heroes, yummy Bubbles.

- If you ask anyone I went to school with what they thought of me, most would say they were scared of me, the rest would say I was one messed up bitch. I'm really ok with that.

- I have 2 girlfriends, my baby sister and my husband - I'm good with that!

Well, I guess that's about it for now, I'll update occasionally as the situation warrants.

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Vixen said...

I didn't even know some of that, isn't that funny..

And for all the dramatic differences, you eat meat for example, and love working, we are really a lot alike. I get called "cold", don't like people, old people love me, I make babies cry, love Las Vegas (altho I've never been), and I get bored way too easily...

It is becoming more apparent that we should take over the world.