The Secret Life of a Sausage

Disclaimer: Savannah, I love you little girl..

You all probably remember early Savannah pictures, from when she was brought to me from Emporia, right? If not, she was a petite, adorable, spindle-legged little thing. She's still adorable and spindle-legged, but well, now she looks like a sausage. One of those sausage links, tied at both ends. Yeah, that's her. With a little shrunken voodoo head.

Here, let me show you.

Here's Savannah before (right):

Here's Savannah now (below):

She looks like a sausage!

Now we know how weight is gained, true enough.. But the problem here is that this dog, while she'll eat anything she can get her yap around (including inanimate objects and things not fit for canine consumption), she does not eat enough to warrant the shrunken head-sausage look.

I feed her twice a day, as I do Dingo, but she gets quite a bit less than he does because she is was a much smaller dog. What happens, as far as I can tell, is that she inhales her mutt grub, and then stands two inches from poor Dingo's head and barks.. And barks.. Until he moves aside and lets the little pig (pardon the sausage pun) have his food. So it took me awhile, but now I'm onto her little scheme. So now I stand there and watch them, like some sort of meal monitor, and when he's finished with his, I pick up what's left so she can't have it... And I feel like a damned bully the entire time because the poor dog's so obviously starving.

Problem solved. Right?


I don't know where she's getting the weight or what she's eating to put it on, but the girl is fat. Now, I'm no skinny bitch, but that's my own fault (due to love of chocolate.. Hey, it's a sex replacement, we all know that *eyeball roll*) and I can deal with it. What I can't deal with is a fat dog. Because that's my fault too, and I worry about her health.

I have no idea what she's eating, or where she's getting it. And Dingo's not talking.

It has become apparent lately that my sausage is leading a secret life... Filled with edibles of high fat content.

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