I Have Softened in My Old Age

Apparently. And it's pissing me off. I used to get grief because I was too mean. Now I don't get any grief at all, and honestly - I miss it.

Now my friend, TJ here, has posted a very nice application, and I would like it answered, truthfully. I know the "truthful" part can cause frequent problems with men, but give it your best shot. Maybe have it checked over by your wife or girlfriend you're keeping under wraps while you're jerking it off on Facebook. Whatever. But answer the fucking thing. If it's too complicated for you, or takes too much of your precious porn time, then fuck off. I'll be deleting people who are too good to answer a few questions. I do genuinely like some of my "friends" on Facebook, but not so much that if this simple request can't be completed, you need to stay. I'm not asking that you eBay your children, or out your wife because frankly - I don't even care if you're married. I would love a real, serious, meaningful relationship but am willing to dedicate time to one of simple excitement and entertainment in the meanwhile.

I know this blog can be found from my Facebook profile, but I have my doubts that it will be because this would require a bit of attention being paid and I'm not seeing this type of motivation. Maybe I'll link to it, just to make it simple. Or maybe not. Who knows? Because at this point I'm in basic "Fuck You" mode.

Perhaps what I'm really looking for is a nice, attractive, submissive man that's good at taking orders and bad at saying "no".

If you're reading this Mr. Obedient, fill out the fucking application, jack ass.

In Desperate Search of Intelligent Life,

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