I Wonder if this puts Me into the Bitch Category?

I'm pretty much willing to swear that there is very little intelligent life on this planet. Where shall I start? Hmm...

Financial Aid. So I go to enroll for Spring semester, and I'm faced with a financial block on my account. Why? Because apparently, my status is all fucked up. Nice of them to tell me this oh say, three months ago. Before the semester even started I applied for the same unsubsidized loan I get every semester. I do the whole FAFSA and Master Promissory Note that I do every Fall semester. In the meantime, my Mother puts my books onto her credit card until the loan comes through like she does every semester, and I reimburse her the cost of the books like I do every semester, while the rest goes to my tuition like it does every semester. Makes sense, yes? Are we seeing a pattern here? I've done this all BEFORE! Ok. Well, every semester it works. Until this semester. Come last October, I've heard nothing, received no check, absolutely nothing.

Here I'm going to add that in case you don't know what a subsidized loan is - it's a loan that I DO pay back after I've finished school or if my class-load drops beneath 6 credit hours. I'm not getting free money here or anything -- mainly just a hold on the bill that keeps me from paying for awhile.

I contact them and am told I need to fill out a MPN. Um.. Ok, I did that before. I did it again. I email my financial adviser and tell her I had done it. She emails me back and tells me they can't process my loan without a FAFSA application. Uh, yeah, ok, I did that before. I did it again. I email her again and I tell her it's done. I get no response... No response. Still, no response. I'm not expecting any real answer in 30 seconds, but a "I'm working on it" would suffice. I get nothing. For days. Customer service people! It's all about the customer service! I get tired of waiting, and frankly by now, am doubting the competence there anyway. I email the Business Office. I tell them I'm looking to enroll.. And well here, I'll just show you:

I'm needing to enroll in Spring semester very soon. I've filled out the FAFSA, signed the MPN, everything I was told to do, and now am getting no response. How long exactly does it take to remove a financial hold on someone's account?

I get the response of:

I am assuming the FASFA, etc. is for the spring semester. You have a fall semester balance due of $2071.00 and this must be paid down to a balance under $500.00 and a repayment agreement signed in the Business Office before the hold can be changed to allow you to enroll for the spring semester.

First off, isn't a Master Promissory Note a repayment agreement? Ah yes, it is. That logic being stated, here was my response:

No, it's supposed to be for this past semester, fall.. I did all of this before the semester even started, and waited, and waited.. And when I inquired about the loan refund, I was told that I had signed nothing, and that I had to sign the MPN again. I did that. And then I was told I had to fill out the FAFSA, again. And I did that as well. I've been getting the unsubsidized loans for several semesters now, and this is the first time there's been an issue.

The $2071.00 was supposed to be covered in the loan, as well as the books I purchased for this semester, and had I known there was going to be a problem, I would have been asking about it a long time ago. But of course, until I tried to enroll in the spring semester, I had no idea anything had gone wrong. Logically, if I could afford to pay $1,571 at once, I wouldn't be taking out a loan, would I?

Duh. I don't know who mans the desks there, but email and internet etiquette states that ALL CAPS is yelling. I'm offended.


I fucking KNOW this! THIS is precisely WHY we're having this conversation! There are no funds available because someone's asleep at the fucking helm. Jesus. Seriously. There are no funds available. Rocket Fucking Science.

I found the outburst very inappropriate. Forwarding my request to FINANCIAL AID puts us back in the same situation we were in when this little email charade began.

I pay this school a goddamn fortune, and they're using it to hire goddamn unprofessional, common fucking sense lacking idiots!

I swear, if I have to go in there, pay them their $1,600 and take out enough of a loan for Spring semester to cover the past Fall semester, I'm going to come unglued. You see, if I skip this semester, that means I've dropped beneath my 6 credit hours and then the REST of my not-so-small financial aid fortune loan kicks in and I have to start paying it back. The real reason people finish college is to make enough money to pay off the bullshit loans, that are too high for an education anyway, that they had to get to GET an education in the first place.

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Toni said...

sheesh, sounds like it's been a really tough week..... sorry to hear it, I hope this gets worked out soon!!!!