What a Stupid Thing to Come Between "Friends"

I put friends in ""'s since obviously it was only alleged.

The nursing program at our local college. There were three of us at one point, "friends", all applying for the same thing and taking the same classes, studying together, and supposedly hoping we'd all get in.


For the purpose of this post, we'll call one the Old Lady (36 and acts 60) and the other The Kid (20).

Anyway, I'm going to make it quick, because I don't really want to try to put the whole convoluted thing into a long post.

So, Old Lady and The Kid have a falling out, because The Kid tells Old Lady that she'll "feel really bad when you don't make it into the nursing program with me". I heard this. It was meant the way it was said. A little later, The Kid tells Old Lady that her new husband bought her a watch to match her wedding ring - but the truth was that I was with The Kid when she bought the ring herself.

Old Lady's getting sick of her lies and insults.

The Kid starts hounding me to meet her husband's cousin. I refuse, because he's quite a bit younger than I am. She insists. She has him contact me. He and I talk, I like him, he's very nice. We agree to meet. One evening (or whenever), he's talking to The Kid and tells her that he's "talking to someone else online" and wants to know if that's "Ok". She tells him it is.

The Kid tells Old Lady the following morning about the conversation; Old Lady says "no, it's not ok." The Kid calls me a hypocrite because I was talking to someone else online too. (You've seen my friend's list, I talk to all sorts of people online.)

Old Lady tells me about it (at least I assume she told me the truth -- of course, I'm no longer sure). I never have spoken to The Kid again. Not because the whole thing even mattered to me, because like I said, he was too young.. But because she's the one that pushed and pushed, and then stabbed me in the back over it? Backstabbing is a game I don't play - whether I care about the topic or not.

Old Lady ceases to talk to The Kid as well. Her decision, not mine. I even told her I couldn't care less if they stayed friends or not. And I didn't. The Kid could be her problem for all I cared - but she was no longer mine.


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