A Fairy Tale, kind of...... part 3

It was a day like no other in recent history, the sun was so bright that day and the warmth from it invigorated the crowd like a bunch of headbangers at a Metallica concert.

The Queen was excited like none had seen her before, she proceeded to dance around her lovely castle in anticipation of the grand event. She had of course, invited everyone who was anyone and anticipated great peace and satisfaction that was sure to come once the cockroaches undesireable men were eliminated so that they could scurry and scamper hurt and lie to women no more.

Of course the evening before she secretly punished the recipients of the upcoming beheading, she had her way with the ones she chose and some of the excruciating torture which befell some of them could not possibly be mentioned here..... oh wait, it's a kind of fairy tale, maybe we can elaborate ;)

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