A Fairy Tale, Kinda..... [Chapter II]

"Off with their heads," she called, giggling maniacally; watching as all her male minions scurried away like cockroaches for their very lives.

She'd had more than enough lately of their mundane bullshit {taken from TJ's coffee icon}, and it was time to make a change. She paid enough attention to her minions, laughed at their pathetic jokes, and sympathized with their ridiculous whining. All she asked for in return was for them to behave in a way tolerable to royalty. She wanted her phone to ring on time, and her dates to show up early.. So that they could wait for her to be fashionably late. They needed to be witty and charming, cater to her every whim, be at her beck and call, and shower her with shiny things. She wasn't expecting much. Where had she gone wrong?

The male minions' behavior was appalling. The Queen did not approve. So it was with great pleasure regret, she would have them beheaded in the center of the palace courtyard. Flyers would be placed on car windshields, e-mails sent out. All women from the kingdom would be invited, and were welcome to bring their own husbands, boyfriends, to sacrifice at this sad joyous event!

Come One, Come All!
A Beheading in Honor of the Queen
Refreshments Provided
Please, RSVP

The Queen

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