Happy, Happy, Haaaaah-Pee.

I loathe and detest holidays. Maybe it's because I'm becoming a bitter old woman, I don't know. But what I do know is all this happy holiday good will spreading cheesy fake fucking bullshit has grown very, very old. I'm not certain I can read/hear/see one more "Happy New Year!!!" without coming completely unglued.

Trust me, it's not the contagious happiness that's floating around, because while I think it's a little corny, corny is forgivable. It's the entire falseness of it all. I don't really wish anyone many people ill, but that doesn't mean I really care that much about their wellbeing and happiness in the year to come either. I don't care if you lose your job, your kid fell off his bike and busted his teeth, or if your wife is leaving you for another woman. These all make good stories, of which I can laugh at your sad misfortune, but I don't really care, you know?

So as your first 2009 Digital Dish of Honesty, on behalf of all of us here at Déjà vu Doo:

Hope your holidays were only as shitty as the year preceding them. Have a less than shitty 2009, and don't go out and get yourselves killed this year, yeah?

As Much Love from Me as You're Gonna Get,

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Toni said...

and merry fuckin ho ho!!!