I've Seen the Other Side and It's Full of Nothing - Nebraska {Part 2}

So we get to a truck stop across the border in Chester, NE, at 70 miles per hour. Not a thrilling drive, especially at a speed too slow to even get to watch the boring, flat, dead scenery fly by at an alarming rate.

Here's the path we took once we hit NE:

You'll want to click that, obviously, to see the arrows.

Now see, we didn't go far enough into Nebraska to judge the entire state, but we did go in far enough that we should have seen some life, yes? Grand Island was the only city that we entered that there was really... Well, anything.

Anyway, the truck stop we entered made me really uncomfortable. Granted, I used to work in a truck stop here, but I was the White Trash Princess! These people weren't white trash though, so I don't think they fully realized in the short time we were there that they had royalty in their midst. They just.. Looked at us.

Onward we went towards Hebron. I don't recall entering Hebron. In fact, I don't remember Hebron at all until we were on the way home and stopped at a gas station next to a Subway that I'm still not convinced was actually there. But more on the Phantom Subway later.

Next, it was through (around?) Geneva. I saw the signs, but that's about it... I'm not being obnoxious here, I honestly don't know if we went through or around.

Onward to York and Aurora, which I'm pretty sure we did not go through. When we began this trip, I was under the impression it was Hastings we were going to. I'm not sure when the plans changed, or even if they did and I just never really understood our destination in the first place. You see, I didn't write out the itinerary, I didn't plot the route, and I wasn't even really consulted with any of the details of this trip short of "what car do you want to drive?" I was the driver. That's the extent of it. You can bet that had I been navigator, we'd have seen a lot more of Nebraska, since I had never been there before. But apparently the plan was to get in and get out ASAP. In all seriousness, from the moment I crawled behind the wheel, I had no idea what highways/interstates/dirt roads/trails/whatever we were taking. I literally had no idea how to get to wherever we were going to end up. It was Mom's friend that did all the directing.

When travelling in Kansas, it's a given that you're going to see flatlands. But you're also going to see trees and cow clusters (I'll explain that one further, later, if you need clarification on the ways to judge cattle sightings) and tiny towns everywhere. Not the route we took. I think we saw a single cow scattering. In the entire 5 hour trip.

Oh! I don't think the picture came out well, because I took it on my phone, while driving - but we did see those windmill energy things! Seriously, that actually WAS cool. They look totally creepy and futuristic. (If you've already seen these things a million times, just shut up. I hadn't.) Here's the picture:

Ooops, sorry. I think that was taken in Kansas. Hahaha!

Here's our little passenger, looking as thrilled as I felt:

That is all for now.. Say 'Ello to My Little Friend(s).. Coming soon.

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