Toni's 4 Commandments

So, I come back from a smoke yesterday and this is up in a word document on my computer, enlarged so I didn't miss it....

Toni's 4 Commandments

Thou shalt work endlessly untile there is no more to do!

Thou shalt not smoke either, especialy during work hours!

Thou shalt have a smile on their face at all times!

Thou shalt obey!

As you can see my boss has a warped sense of humor and decided all by himself that I needed a lesson in office politics...

Guess what my response was?


Vixen said...

Boss shalt pay better.

Boss shalt do the work his damn self if he wants it done quickly.

Boss shalt put me in a corner somewhere away from the public and other non-working coworkers if he does not like my smile, or lack thereof.

Boss shalt not write notes on employee's computers when there is so much work to be done. Especially during work hours!

Toni said...

you are friggin goood - I'm leaving that up on my computer next time he comes round...lol