Can't Fool the Dingo

So I've been on this mission to give up things with high caloric/fat content. Sugar included, of course. Well, on Saturday, I had a sort of blood sugar "crash" - when my reading hit 54 and upon insistence to retake it - 45. I felt fine for the most part, except I ached everywhere. Next thing I know, people are handing me OJ and peanut butter packets. Don't get me wrong, I love attention, and especially being doted on like this, but hello? I felt fine. I took the reading again after about 20 minutes and it was at 68. That's still low. And after I'd been force-fed sugared protein. Relax folks, it was up to 88 before I left work.

Anyway, about 5 this morning I wake up, feeling really toasty and when I get up to go to the bathroom, I'm having dizzy spells. Now those are the appropriate symptoms for hypoglycemia - which I don't have!



So my first reaction to this shit at 5 a.m. was to head to the kitchen, break out the peanut butter and fill a glass half full with soy milk to which I added an obscene amount of sugar. I went back to bed.

It's 9 hours later, and I'm not feeling a whole lot better.

I make a cup of coffee and add excess sugar. I look down to see my Mutt sitting at my feet, staring up at me, slowly wagging his tail.

"What's up, Mom? Sugar? Really. Extra sugar, even. Are you kidding me?

How's that for a reality check? You can't fool this dog.

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