Case Studies in Stupidity: Volume II [Stupidity isn't Just for Boys]



Me and Andrea.


Andrea: Are you mad at me

Me: I think you're an idiot for even speaking to him.

Andrea: I know

Andrea: I know I need to stay away but he is the only friend I really have

Me: Then you really don't have any friends, because he's a lying, using, loser.

Andrea: I thought we are friends

Me: You're the one that just said you didn't have any friends but him.

Andrea: I hope were friend if so i dont need him

Me: If you thought we were friends before, you wouldn't still be hanging around with him.

Date: April 6, 2009 12:23p
Type: Missed Call
Line: 1
Andrea H*******
Number: 555-333-4444

Andrea: The good news is im over him and your my very good friend

Are you fucking kidding me?

...What? There's more?!


Andrea: R u there?

Me: I'm here.

Andrea: I tried calling

Me: I know.

Andrea: So ur mat at me now i dont want 2 lose u as a friend

Me: I told you what I think.

Andrea: I really want 2 be friend

Me: You already said he's your only friend.

Andrea: Only my guy friend and ur my real friend

Me: Not what you said.

Andrea: I know and im sorry but we can talk about anything

Me: There's nothing to talk about. You're not over him, you're not going to be, and you don't listen to me anyway.

Andrea: Yes i am and i do

Me: Again, if you were you wouldn't be hanging around with him and you certainly wouldn't be fucking him.

Andrea: I dont and i told him 2 leave last night

Me: You told me you called me, not him, but his number came up - so either HE called me or you called me from HIS house. Either way, you're lying to me right now.

Andrea: I was never at his house i called u from my house

Me: You told me he didn't call me, but he did. Immediately after you did.

Andrea: When last night

Me: Yes last night. When you told me you were with him.

Andrea: I dont understand anser my callea please

Date: Apr 6, 2009 1:10p
Type: Missed Call
Line: 1
Andrea H*******
Number: 555-333-4444

Me: He called me right after you called me last night. And you told me you were with him. What's not to understand? And I'm in class, I can't talk.

Andrea: When he called u i wasnt with and ur right he is starting shit

Me: Not even 5 minutes after you called, he called. Then you called again. Then YOU told me you were WITH him.

Andrea: What do I have 2 do 2 prove 2 you im over him? And I want our friendship back im really up set now

Andrea: I wasn’t

Me: I couldn’t care less if you’re over him. I do care that you’re lying to me about it.

Andrea: Im not I dont lie

Me: That’s the only explanation. And you DID tell me you left his house a couple Fridays ago, but you spent the night. And you DID fuck him, because you thought you were pregnant.

Andrea: And im not and I haven’t talk or seen him since then tell he came buy last night

Me: Those are still lies.
If he came by last night he couldn’t have called me from his house right after you did.

Andrea: But he did not call here what time did he call u

Me: Not even 5 minutes after you called me. And not 5 minutes before you called me again.

Andrea: Do u want him 2 quit calling u and I wasnt with him

Me: I don’t answer when he calls anyway, and you’re over him remember – why do you care?
I’m not stupid. You were together when you both called me.

Andrea: I don’t I did get a sitter but it was 2 late cause u already went out

Me: What does Saturday night have to do with anything?

Andrea: It doesn’t

Me: This conversation is over.

Andrea: Do u still want 2 be friends please

I'm done talking to her right now.

I’ll keep you posted as further bullshit develops.



At 7:04 PM, April 06, 2009 , Blogger Neurotic Mom said...

omg how old is she?

At 12:42 AM, April 07, 2009 , Blogger Vixen said...


She's been texting me all evening too asking me if we can still be friends and when my next day off is, etc.


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