Case Studies in Stupidity: Volume II [Stupidity isn't Just for Boys]



Me and Andrea.


Andrea: Are you mad at me

Me: I think you're an idiot for even speaking to him.

Andrea: I know

Andrea: I know I need to stay away but he is the only friend I really have

Me: Then you really don't have any friends, because he's a lying, using, loser.

Andrea: I thought we are friends

Me: You're the one that just said you didn't have any friends but him.

Andrea: I hope were friend if so i dont need him

Me: If you thought we were friends before, you wouldn't still be hanging around with him.

Date: April 6, 2009 12:23p
Type: Missed Call
Line: 1
Andrea H*******
Number: 555-333-4444

Andrea: The good news is im over him and your my very good friend

Are you fucking kidding me?

...What? There's more?!


Andrea: R u there?

Me: I'm here.

Andrea: I tried calling

Me: I know.

Andrea: So ur mat at me now i dont want 2 lose u as a friend

Me: I told you what I think.

Andrea: I really want 2 be friend

Me: You already said he's your only friend.

Andrea: Only my guy friend and ur my real friend

Me: Not what you said.

Andrea: I know and im sorry but we can talk about anything

Me: There's nothing to talk about. You're not over him, you're not going to be, and you don't listen to me anyway.

Andrea: Yes i am and i do

Me: Again, if you were you wouldn't be hanging around with him and you certainly wouldn't be fucking him.

Andrea: I dont and i told him 2 leave last night

Me: You told me you called me, not him, but his number came up - so either HE called me or you called me from HIS house. Either way, you're lying to me right now.

Andrea: I was never at his house i called u from my house

Me: You told me he didn't call me, but he did. Immediately after you did.

Andrea: When last night

Me: Yes last night. When you told me you were with him.

Andrea: I dont understand anser my callea please

Date: Apr 6, 2009 1:10p
Type: Missed Call
Line: 1
Andrea H*******
Number: 555-333-4444

Me: He called me right after you called me last night. And you told me you were with him. What's not to understand? And I'm in class, I can't talk.

Andrea: When he called u i wasnt with and ur right he is starting shit

Me: Not even 5 minutes after you called, he called. Then you called again. Then YOU told me you were WITH him.

Andrea: What do I have 2 do 2 prove 2 you im over him? And I want our friendship back im really up set now

Andrea: I wasn’t

Me: I couldn’t care less if you’re over him. I do care that you’re lying to me about it.

Andrea: Im not I dont lie

Me: That’s the only explanation. And you DID tell me you left his house a couple Fridays ago, but you spent the night. And you DID fuck him, because you thought you were pregnant.

Andrea: And im not and I haven’t talk or seen him since then tell he came buy last night

Me: Those are still lies.
If he came by last night he couldn’t have called me from his house right after you did.

Andrea: But he did not call here what time did he call u

Me: Not even 5 minutes after you called me. And not 5 minutes before you called me again.

Andrea: Do u want him 2 quit calling u and I wasnt with him

Me: I don’t answer when he calls anyway, and you’re over him remember – why do you care?
I’m not stupid. You were together when you both called me.

Andrea: I don’t I did get a sitter but it was 2 late cause u already went out

Me: What does Saturday night have to do with anything?

Andrea: It doesn’t

Me: This conversation is over.

Andrea: Do u still want 2 be friends please

I'm done talking to her right now.

I’ll keep you posted as further bullshit develops.


Neurotic Mom said...

omg how old is she?

Vixen said...


She's been texting me all evening too asking me if we can still be friends and when my next day off is, etc.