I'm Not Loving this Look

But I'm tired of screwing around with it right now. Maybe it'll grow on me or maybe I'll change it later, who knows. So if you don't dig it, shut up and deal with it anyway.

That being said, I'm really glad to see the few of you back.. And totally amazed.

Thank you ♥

In other news, I'm currently dealing with these people again. She's so fucking stupid. And everyone knows I like to antagonize stupid people.

I called Matt last night.

Well, it was on a dare, kind of. So I did it. I dialed his number, said hey, what's up? Haven't talked to you in awhile. Have you talked to Andrea? What? You're asleep at 9pm on a Saturday? You know that's pretty pathetic, right? Shit like that. I told him to go back to bed, and said goodbye. Not even 2 minutes afterwards, Andrea texts me asking what's up. No mention of me calling him though.

Well, tonight, we were texting a bit about a coworker that we lost today, and out of nowhere she says to me "did you call matt?"

I don't lie, of course, because shit, where's the fun in that? I tell her that I did. She says that she thought I didn't like him.

Do I have to like someone to call them? Hell. I'd never use the phone!

She starts calling me. I don't answer. He calls me. I don't answer. She calls again. I still don't answer. Turns out, he's at her house, or she at his, whichever. I lecture her about being done with his loser slob ass. Later she calls again, but now she claims she's "alone". Whatever. I don't care, so I still don't answer. I don't have any interest in talking to her.

I'm sick of both the stupid fuckers. They're a perfect match. Neither deserves anyone but the other.

They make me feel so superior.

In still other news, I went out last night. First to see The Haunting in Connecticut (which totally rocked by the way - maybe I'll tell you about it tomorrow), then to the bar, then my coworker friend's sister's house. I didn't drink much at all. I'm such a lightweight. When did this happen?!

Stick around to read my next post - which will show up ahead of this one, so you probably read it first, but I want to give it it's own post - Rest Easy, Margaret.

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