So I've imported entries from Deja Vu Doo:

¤¤¤ Snow Day! ¤¤¤ I Will NOT Pick On People Less Fortunate Than Me ¤¤¤ The Good Shit {Movies} Updated ¤¤¤ Some Days I Just... ¤¤¤ Valentine’s Day ¤¤¤ Drive for Life ¤¤¤ I've Seen the Other Side and It's Full of Nothing - Nebraska {Part 2} ¤¤¤ The Life of a Neurotic Mom: A Good Laugh ¤¤¤ Nebraska {Part 1} ¤¤¤ Chapter 4 Awaits… ¤¤¤ Toni’s 4 Commandments ¤¤¤ So I Was Checkin’ Out This Blog ¤¤¤ A Fairy Tale, kind of…. Part 3 ¤¤¤ A Fairy Tale, Kind of…. [Chapter II] ¤¤¤ You Need Another Reason I Hate Cats? Here You Go: ¤¤¤ The Cat Caper ¤¤¤ A Fairy Tale, Kinda… ¤¤¤ Yes, More Drama ¤¤¤ Vixen’s 2009 Resolution List ¤¤¤ Happy, Happy, Haaaaa-Pee. ¤¤¤ December 28 - 08 ¤¤¤ The Secret Life of a Sausage, Vol. II ¤¤¤ Ok.. GO! ¤¤¤ The Vixen is Emo ¤¤¤ What a Stupid Thing to Come Between “Friends” ¤¤¤ Here Ya Go ¤¤¤ I Have Softened in My Old Age ¤¤¤ I Wonder if this puts Me Into the Bitch Category ¤¤¤ Baz ¤¤¤ Snowing ¤¤¤ Kandie has Decided ¤¤¤ The Secret Life of a Sausage ¤¤¤ My List is Much Shorter than Hers, I Promise.. ¤¤¤ So I’m here ¤¤¤ Something to Not Be Thankful For ¤¤¤ Just Because You’re Paranoid Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t Out to Get You ¤¤¤

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