It Seems I'm as Sweet as I am Stupid

Which is actually a little comical, because I've never been called either :)

Only four people voted at my request on this post - but those four are divided and I have been deemed equally sweet and stupid. As a follow-up to the post, I'm letting you know that I didn't end up going out with Andrea that night.

I went to Kansas City after my first class on Friday, leaving at 9 a.m. Mom rented an HHR again, just like on our trip to Nebraska (Nebraska Part 1; Nebraska Part 2.) I got back home around 5:15 that afternoon. At around 7, Andrea texted me asking "how r u?" I responded that I was fine and asked about her. She told me she was fine. Nothing further was said. I didn't bother asking her if she was going or not.

Monday at work, she told me she had gone out and was waiting for me to call, but I never did.

She obviously doesn't understand the dynamics of dialing a telephone. That was alright though, I wasn't really wanting to go anyway after last time.

I had been trying all work, unsuccessfully, to get her to figure out if she had an all-night bratsitter and trying to decide where she wanted to go, when, and with who. I had gotten a few coworkers and a couple of my friends to agree to go with us. Thanks to her slow ass decision making skills, though, it all fell through. I lost what little interest I had in going pretty rapidly.

So there you have it. My intelligent self-centered side triumphed in this case. Again.

Driving on the way back from KC I took this picture though:

Ignore the bug goo - My windshield is always a flying critter cemetery on the highway.

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