Rest Easy, Margaret

I know we had our differences - big, huge ones. We all spent so much time together that we were like one big, disgruntled, dysfunctional family. Dysfunctional families don't always get along, and ours is no different. But we are still family.

I last saw you on Friday night. We were all so happy that it was our weekend off, wished each other a great "vacation". All of our weekend crew was there on Friday, so we all got to see you. Nobody knew anything was wrong that day; maybe you didn't know either. I rather hope you didn't.

You were gone before I knew you went to the hospital. I got the phone call at 3:24pm that gave me the news. I was stunned. Immediately, upon hearing "Margaret died", I started ticking off residents names in my head, thinking it was one of them. You expect it when you work in nursing homes, to lose residents. You don't see it coming with coworkers.

I want to tell you that for any and all differences we had, I am sorry.

You will be missed. By all of us.

Be at peace, Margaret R.

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