So Here's the Deal

I don't have much free time. But I'm back.

I figured there was no better fitting day to return than Thursday.

The blog transformation is incomplete as of yet, but it's begun.

Anyway, lets cover the basics again, for those of you who may have forgotten (not forgotten me of course, but forgotten the basics).

I'm Vixen. I'm 231 years old. I like animals better than people. I currently work as a CMA at a local Assisted Living community. I start Nursing school in August. I was reading an old post of mine the other day - Just to Post - where I said that nursing wasn't for me, but I was reconsidering since CPR, trache tubes and breaking ribs were just so spiffy! Well, I decided to do it; so I applied last month, and I was accepted as one of 40 out of 170 applicants.

My email address is scalvak@gmail.com. When you email me, kindly put a subject so I'll actually read it. Thank you. Send all the love/hate mail there.

I have two dogs: Dingo and Savannah. Nugget lives with my mom now, I may have mentioned this before, since he tried to maim Savannah and she'd have eventually had to murder his stubby little ass (and I honestly couldn't have much blamed her).

Previously I told you all about The Mechanic and how well we hit it off. Things were great for awhile, but eventually his daughter got in the way. This is why I don't date men with offspring, people! I tolerated the shit for awhile, but finally told him "your daughter has you by the balls, and I'm not up to playing house." He's texted me a few times since, but with no response from me.

This means I'm single. And between my school and work schedule and my utter disgust for the male population at the moment, I plan on far better screening my dating applicants.

I'm also including drug testing this time around.

Possibly a sperm count too. I don't want any fucking offspring.

Fuck, I hate kids.

Well, I'm off to go get ready for work (yay.), so if you're here reading, keep going - there's ton of shit for you here.

Oh, and welcome back.


ServMe said...

Holy crap, it's real... you have returned (happy dance). Yeah, call me a fool for being happy to see you return but I missed your down to earth tell it like it is presence :)

Toni said...

and her loyal following is elated!!!

Daisy said...

I guess I would only love kids who are my own. But for now I leave them alone so they leave me alone! Ha!!! And indeed, I too had my fare share of men with kids issues.

Neurotic Mom said...

if anyone suddenly hears their clock tickin, come borrow my kids they instantly cure the tick tock