Warm fuzzies please......

So I'm not sure if I've mentioned this or not yet but here goes:

My beautiful grandma fell over the Christmas holidays, she's almost 80 years old and has had horribly weak bones for the last few years - it doesn't help that about 10 years ago she fell and broke her right hip, left elbow and right wrist, needless to say she is not as spry as she once was.

Anywho, back to what happened. Since she fell at Christmas she has had an extremely hard time getting around. Period. She went from her chair, to the bathroom, to bed and that was the extent of the walking she could do - and she could only do that much with the aid of a walker.

A couple or three weeks ago, she decided that it was too much and she finally agreed to let us take her to the hospital to get checked out. Well, after a couple of weeks and NO diagnosis she was getting cranky and wanted to go home. So she went home on Saturday, I should say here that she was walking around a bit more in the hospital but she also spent 20 hrs a day in bed so her feet and legs weren't as swollen or sore as they would have been from sitting in her chair at home... Personally I think she can't walk at home because she's terrified of falling again, but I'm not a doctor and what do I know?

Back to Saturday, we brought her home and she seemed alot happier, we all spent time to keep her company during the day but she lives alone and has nobody there at night. Anyways, Monday morning comes along and grandma phones my mom at 8:00 am and says pretty much: "I need to get back to the hospital and I need to go now, call the ambulance for me".... Well jeez my mom I don't think ever ran so fast in her life to Gram's house and met the ambulance there. She was having alot of trouble breathing and was feeling very poorly.

In the ambulance they gave her oxygen and she seemed to be feeling better, well as soon as they got to the emergency room she started going into congenital heart failure..... scared the living crap outta my mom..... she's currently in ICU, it seems that the fluid has drained from her lungs at this point but she is by no means out of deep water...

If I'm not around alot over the next few days, that is why I may need to take a couple of days off to stay with Gram. So send all the good thoughts you can up to Canada please!!!


Vixen said...

Oh no.. I'm sorry :(

Did you know she had heart problems? My Granny was diagnosed with *congestive* heart failure and she did pretty well with it for quite awhile.. A lot of my residents have it too and are still up and plugging away. It's controllable!

*Congenital* heart failure I don't know as much about. If she's had it all this time, I'm surprised nobody knew. On that same note though, if she's had it all this time and has done just fine, then she can continue to do just fine, hopefully.

Warm fuzzies sent and will continue to be sent!

Take care and get back to us when you can ♥

Neurotic Mom said...

warm fuzzies and healing vibes sent your way