Doctor wants My Gallbladder

...Maybe with some fava beans, and a nice Chianti.

About 2 months ago I started having right sided chest, back, shoulder, and arm pain. I waited quite awhile and finally went to the doctor on a coworker's insistence. Doc said, and I quote, "Vix, I don't know."

(I don't mind when docs tell me they don't know. It's actually kind of nice when they can admit they don't have a clue. Makes me feel like they're actually there to help, and not just for the money.)

She said that maybe it was muscular and even though I had no pain on movement she wanted to start there and put me on Mobic for 10 days, saying if it was an inflammation in the area, it'd help at least a little. Nothing. I go back to the doc and tell her nothing changed, and request a chest x-ray (because really, what's in there but a lung, gallbladder and heart? She wasn't worried about it being heart related, because it was in the right side of my back and said heart pain doesn't manifest in the right shoulder blade.) She sent me for an x-ray, which came back perfectly normal. I asked where I go from here and she told me an ultrasound, on the off chance it was my gallbladder. The ultrasound was scheduled for a couple Thursdays (do we see a pattern here?!) ago, on the 21st. My doc called me Tuesday (it's never good when the doc calls you personally) and left a message. I called her back.

I have gallstones.

My first reaction while talking to her was "that's good, isn't it?"

It is, in the sense that I now have an explanation for all the pain. But now, I see a surgeon on the 3rd of June to discuss when to have it removed. Lovely, yes?

The goal is a laparscopic surgery, and an enter in the morning, exit in the afternoon hospital stay.

I keep getting conflicting stories about the surgery. One tells me it's no big deal and I'll be at work in a week. Another says "I ain't gonna lie to you, it hurts like all hell and I'd rather have left my gallbladder in." Still another says she was out of work for 6 weeks. One was out for 3 weeks.

I asked what would happen if I decided not to have the surgery. "It'll likely get worse," but that avoiding foods like grease, dairy, etc., could lessen the pain. Yet, hello? Vegetarian? I don't eat any of those things. I'm also not having specific gallbladder "attacks", meaning for example, the day of the concert I hadn't eaten anything at all and had the back pain while there. It doesn't appear food related.

Anyway, I'm not going to miss work for however many days I'm MIA. I told my boss, just to give her a heads up, that I was going to have to have my gallbladder removed but that I didn't have the surgery scheduled yet and she said to me, no joke, "schedule it for your weekend off." I just looked at her like, huh? And she said "I mean seriously."

How's that for fucking inconsiderate.

She carried on to tell me how it's "just no big deal".

So feel free everyone, to share with me your gallbladder removal stories.. Especially if they're going to help me not, you know, have a nervous breakdown. Quickly now.


Neurotic Mom said...

I had mine out 6 yrs ago. I did hurt really bad for a few days, but after that i recovered pretty fast. I had bruising around my belly button that was tender for a couple weeks. Considering how much pain i was in before the surgery, the surgery itself was a big relief. The only drawback is that foods tend to go through a little faster but eating rice and bananas regularly will fix that problem lol.

Let me know if you need any other info.

Toni said...

Good luck with the surgeon tomorrow, I'm sure the surgery will be smooth. My sis-in-law had hers removed last summer and she says the same thing Neurotic Mom said - a couple of days after was bad, but after that considering the pain beforehand she was happy to have it done!!!

Take care girl... <3

Vixen said...

The pain I've been having isn't what I'd really consider severe.. More, constant. Uncomfortable. It's like there's a band wrapped around my right side, under my ribcage. Sometimes I'm a little short of breath because of the pressure. As far as the actual pain though, it's mostly in my arm and shoulder.

If I wasn't starting nursing in August, I'd wait on the surgery. Everyone keeps saying the pain will just get worse though, and I can't afford to miss school, should I need it out at a later date.

Thanks, you two <3

The surgery is scheduled for Monday the 9th at 7 a.m. Have to be there at 6.

Joe said...

it is illegal for them to not allow you time off. by law you are allowed no more than 3 months off of work after surgery, same as if you have a baby. law requires them to let you off if you have jury duty also.