I Had a Dream Last Night

I don't know if I mentioned previously that on October 6th of 2008, we lost my Great-Grandma. I'm not going to give you the rundown now, either, except to say that she was 96 years old when she passed.

In my dream I went shopping. I'm not sure where it was at, but I was with a coworker (Lil), and I was pushing a cart. I saw Granny standing there, wearing a red dress. I said to Lil, "there's my Granny". Lil responded, "isn't she.. gone?"

I ignored her, pushed my cart out of the way and went towards Granny. I stretched my arms out to the side, and she did the same. We hugged and I started bawling. Then I woke up.

Any interpreters want to touch this one?

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dream and fact said...

oh, maybe it's the reason you always miss your granny so much.
so god agree you can meet and embrace your granny to satisfy your lovesick affection for a while in dream.