I Have an Embarrassing Confession to Make

I don't know how to use an IPod. There, I said it. *whew*

Our nursing requirements have now been changed from needing a PDA to needing IPods. They order the correct software, etc., and of course we have support if we need it, but this doesn't detract from the issue that I don't know how to use an IPod.

True story.

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At 1:41 PM, July 17, 2009 , Blogger Toni said...

sorry hon, can't help you there...

neither do I...

did that make you feel better :)

At 7:51 PM, October 24, 2009 , Blogger melissa said...

i don't even own one let alone know how to use one. my sister tried to loan me hers, i think i deleted everything.


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