More apologies necessary!!!

Yes, really... ok, not really but I thought I'd explain my slacking off as of late.

Did I tell you all about my Grandma? I think I did, but regardless I'm too lazy/tired to go and check so here's the story.

My grandma has very brittle bones and as they call it in the hospital is a "fall risk", which means she's always falling. Well, back in I think May she fell again and progressed to get more and more scared of falling again, well after yet another fall she went into congenital heart failure and landed her ass back in the hospital. After being released she stayed with my Aunt and Uncle for a while and then wanted to go back home. Sounds fantastic right? Well it would be but for the fact that she won't stay by herself, so the family (with most of the responsibility falling on my mother) has been staying with her continually every night.

That's all ok, we love gramma!!!

Well last Tuesday on the other side of the family, my grandfather had a heart attack which nobody seems to know if it happened before or after his fall which included him hitting his head. He landed in the hospital of course and had another heart attack Friday night and his final heart attack on Sunday night. He hasn't woken since that final attack either by the way.

Well, after work last night I went to teach my course and received a call from my mom letting me know that grandpa died yesterday. What a week already, please no more dying.

I didn't tell you this either but one of our staff was in a boating accident last month, his boat capsized and fortunately they recovered his body last week. Another death!

After all of this I went to visit my mom last night and got more news yet, our (across the street) neighbor who has been like another Aunt to me since I was knee-high to a grasshopper just went Tuesday morning into respite care. It's not looking good for her either.

So I'm sorry people I haven't been avoiding you all, just been a little sidetracked lately.

Please send lots of warm fuzzies, I'm really gonna need em.. <3


Toni said...


Feel free to fix my formatting any time you'd like.

This never works for me :(

Vixen said...

Don't worry about the formatting, just worry about your family. I got this :)

When you have more time and less stress I'll show you how to make it work.

Keep us posted on everything, and take care of yourself too ♥

Vixen said...

Oh, and no apologies needed. I wouldn't be here either if I had even have the shit to deal with that you do right now.

Toni said...


Fixed my formatting and everything!!!!!

Ok, so went to the funeral, I'll try to post about the other adventures we had this week...

Another funeral on Thursday for my neighbor lady who lived across my mom all my life....

Be back soon & I missed ya lots... smooches :)