So it's Back to the Daily Grind

I'm actually ready to go back to work tomorrow. I hate my job, oh yes, don't ever doubt that - but I am ready to get out of the house and start making money again. A month off work, hurts.

I start nursing classes on the 17th of August, and they run 5 days a week. It's kind of a weird schedule, with the semester being divided in half. The first 8 weeks are a set of classes:

Mondays and Thursdays: 09:10AM-12:30PM
Tuesdays and Wednesdays: 07:30AM-10:30AM
Fridays: 08:00AM-10:10AM then 10:20AM-12:30PM

All starting the week of August 17th, and ending during the week of October 5th. The second half of the semester:

Mondays and Thursdays: 09:10AM-12:30PM
Tuesdays: 11:15AM-12:45PM
Wednesdays: 06:30AM-11:00AM
Fridays: 10:20AM-12:30PM

All beginning the week of October 12th and ending shortly before Christmas break.

I'm excited, genuinely excited. Nervous too. I'm also concerned how I'm going to manage classes 5 days a week with a 5 day work schedule. I'll be working 3PM to 11PM. What choice do I have, you know? I can't cut down my school schedule, but I am considering dropping to 4 days a week at work. It wouldn't be a huge help, but every day counts. I'd go down to 3, but then I'd be considered part time and I'd lose my insurance. And if you're anything like me, the day after that insurance expires you break a bone or something.

I've seen so many movies during my month off that I'm not certain I can even remember them to share with you. I'll try though. I watched The Cell 2, which had great potential, but just didn't live up to it. Tessie Santiago is absolutely beautiful though.

Walled In, which I really liked. It could have been better but overall, not bad at all.

Friday the 13th - Killer Cut, again, like above could have been better, but wasn't bad. If you've seen one Friday the 13th, you've pretty much seen them all. For some reason though, we continue watching..

With a Winter of Frozen Dreams, I have got to tell you I didn't exactly follow the plot. It's based on a true story though, so like in all true crime stories, they kind of leave you hanging. I'm a big fan of Thora Birch though, so I watched it for her. While the movie was a bit disappointing, she was not. While on topic of Thora, I do recommend her movie The Hole. She's also a vegetarian.

Shuttle - I watched this movie several times, and each time picked up something different. It's full of scenes that have you wondering "why did she do that?? Why didn't she run/shoot him/scream?!", and while seeming a little dragged out, you'll want to watch it to the end. The end, which surprised even me.

Lakeview Terrace - Samuel L. Jackson never disappoints. This movie though, was a little bland for my taste. Not to suggest it's not worth watching, but if you're as anal about your movie watching experience as I am, this one could lack the excitement you're looking for.

I saw Angels & Demons in the theater and honestly I found it as dull as The Da Vinci Code. My date was likely even more bored with it than I was. If you enjoyed The Da Vinci Code, then Angels & Demons could very well be straight up your alley.

I also saw Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in the theater and while it wasn't as good as the first one (which I was surprised that I liked), it is worth watching. The special effects are amazing. And for you men that are watching, I'll tell you that my date (same guy that hated Angels & Demons) did enjoy this Transformers movie.

We were going to see Drag Me to Hell, but it was replaced by Up in the unimpressive movie theater we have here, and this is why we went with Angels & Demons in the first place. What kind of idiots say "Oh gee, maybe our customers that want to see Drag Me to Hell will be satisfied with Up instead!" Stupid bastards.

And in case I forgot to mention, Haunting in Connecticut received an *A* rating from me. I know of several though, that absolutely hated it.

I have also rented, but have yet to watch The Betrayed and Donkey Punch. I went to Hollywood Video yesterday (like I have so many times this past month) and walked around and you know what problem I've run into - again? I've seen everything on the walls that look interesting to me. Therefore, I'm always open to suggestions people! What should I watch?

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