Long Time No Type

I'm busy. Really busy. Between school (full time nursing classes) and work (full time), I haven't had time to post.

I'm stopping by here to throw in a little message about the fuckhead Michael Vick and the degenerate (and I'm willing - bankrupt) companies that sign with and support him. Here's a list of Vick's supporters (now before you cry to me about these companies being Eagles sponsors, just shut up. You support the Eagles, you support Vick. End of.)

Also, meet Main Line Animal Rescue. I love their offer - Tackle Vick, Feed a Dog. Also, it was this rescue that placed billboards encouraging Oprah to do a show on the horrors of puppy mills.

And finally in this session, here's a(nother) happy-ending story that brings to light the wrongness of dog-fighting.

I'll post soon. I have plenty to say (and lots to catch up on), but little time to say it.

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