Remember: A=Excellent, B=Very good, but, C=RN

In a perfect world, I would already have been married to Mr. Filthy Rich before I started nursing school. Financially, I can't really afford to quit my job - academically, I can't afford not to.

Anyway, I'm wracking my brain trying to come up with a fascinating story, but I'm currently not able to. I blame school. Instead of making me smarter - it has flambéed my brain.

I'm always being asked what field of nursing I'll go into, and you know, I just don't know. Nursing home work is out. No way. I don't handle getting attached to people, - just to lose them - very well. I've been thinking maybe trauma. Yes, I'd have to deal with death - but there isn't time to get attached. In they come and there's no time to think about it. Live or die. Win some lose some. Hopefully, more wins than losses. Recently I've been considering Oncology. It's amazing to me the difference in people who are diagnosed with cancer. Some come in feeling perfectly fine, get the dreaded diagnosis, and off they go on a downward spiral. Then there are the ones that come in, get the news, say "ha, whatever", do what they need to do (treatment wise) and they win the battle. Personally, I don't believe in "incurable disease", it's all in the attitude. My mom has a friend that was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago. The doctor that diagnosed her rattled off all these treatments, chemo, radiation, mastectomy, etc. She told my mom, "I might as well kill myself". But, she got a second opinion, and that doctor told her she had to decide what treatments she could live with and do those. She had to take control of her life. She is now cancer free.


Neurology is my true love. Although some may argue, there is not a system in the body that is more amazing than neurological. Here's an example: Born with Half a Brain, Woman Living Full Life.

One more thing: SAW VI in TEN days!

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