Oh My GAWD [Let Me TELL You About HER!]

From this post (...oh my GAWD, let me tell you about HER - I'll give her her own post though...)

What shall I call this woman? Umm.. She's kind of a slut too, really - except I think her slutty happenings are more in her reality than in ours, if you know what I mean. She told me that she had (and don't you dare tell her son or her mother!) sex with three black guys in one day. The question that begs asking here, at least to me, is how is the fact that these men were black even relevant? Is that why she didn't want "anyone but" me to know? Because they were black? Would it be ok to tell her family had these men been Chinese? Mexican? White? Black men, white men, any men; three different men in one day is a sexually promiscuous woman is a slut is a whore.

If you haven't already noticed, I hold women who fuck absolutely anything in very low regards.

Now, this woman is a social reject. She comes across as very cowed, beaten, submissive. Her own son walks all over her. At first, I felt sorry for her and her need for constant reassurance, and I protected her from the evils that reside deep within our workplace. I still do, in fact - protect her, that is. Why? I genuinely have no clue anymore. Maybe because in some ways, I'm just like the others. The nicer I am to her, the more of my job she does.

She tells me things that I simply have no business knowing. For example: When she gets nervous, she itches.. "down there". Oh yes, she's a social reject. She's told me that she's been raped, she's been abused, and even that her son was molested by his father. She behaves in very odd manners. She's shady, she's weak, and she's timid. She's incapable of standing up for herself.

She would love to see me hook up with her son (I mean who wouldn't, right? Right?!) that lives with her because he had "previously gotten into some trouble." So I agreed, but rest assured that I agreed before I realized the full magnitude of her weirdness. I gave her my Facebook nickname and told her to tell him to look me up. She tells me that he has asked her to ask me out on a date. But, she says, I'll have to wait for him to get his financial aid loan, because he has no money. Red Flag! A man, and he's 29 by the way, with no money and lives with mommy! Geez. Am I cursed or something? He emails me on Facebook --


sup hun how you doing? I just wanted to say Hey and you can text me any time if you want, my number is ***-****
(I remove the number because I don't want to be responsible for the mad dash of female admirers) I also got free nights and weekends if you'd like to talk too me. I'd love to ya meet ya sometime soon. cool Hit me up, email me back.. dont be shy : D

I have a picture of this one too - but I must refrain from sharing it. Know, though, that he is not what anyone I've ever before met would consider "hot", except maybe the Skeletal Slut. So I text him. We text back and forth most of the afternoon. He says he'd like to meet me. Well, I have plans with the Skeletal Slut for that evening and I say to him that he's welcome to come if he'd like. He says he will meet us at the bar because "mom doesn't want company." Uh.. Huh. Slut picks me up, the bar is packed, and we sit waiting for him. After about 20 minutes of not seeing him we leave. We get about a block away when my cell phone rings, and it's him. We go back to pick him up. Upon meeting me he tells me that I'm "just as gorgeous as his mom told him". He gets in the backseat and before we can drive away my door opens and a man climbs in, onto my lap. Drunk as hell, tells me I'm beautiful, asks where we're going. I ask him his name, introduce myself and my cohorts, and tell him to climb in the back. I'm not sober here either, by the way, none of us are. We drive around awhile, stop at another bar, get more beer, and finally park out in the middle of nowhere. I have to admit that the guy that jumped in the car with us - Boy Toy (you'll see why I name him this later) was actually pretty cute. We got a little friendly, as I tend to do when I'm inebriated, and it upset the Skeletal Slut and Weirdo's Son. I felt a little bad, so I went to the trunk of the car to talk to Weirdo's Son. While I'm gone - and I kid not - Slut has climbed all over the Boy Toy. Admittedly, B.T. doesn't give a good goddamn who he gets to fuck, so long as it's female (presumably, anyway), although he does tell me to "control my friend", that it's me he's "interested in". Like I've said many times before, I may be drunk, but I'm still not stupid. I'm a little annoyed, absolutely. But not so much at him, because I know what he's there for. I'm annoyed with the Slut because she couldn't handle that I had his attention. I took him back from her, just to prove I could, and after awhile we all went back to Slut's place.

On the couch in Slut's apartment, Slut sits with Weirdo's Son. All nice and cozy and cuddled up together and shit. What happens a bit later* makes this piss me off in retrospect. At about 7ish in the morning Slut goes to bed, W.S. goes home to mommy, and B.T.'s work buddy picks him up for work. I refuse offers to drive me home, preferring to walk instead for the fresh air and to shake off the drunken haze of the night. Not long after, I get this message:

*I hope ur fuckin happy with urself cause U lost a good thing U could of had but youll never know now I hope the little boy toy was worth it thanks for standing me up tonite it shows me poeples true colors, it shows me what kind of person U truely are not cool cause I never would of done that to U I hope Karma gets U someday I pray 4 it to happen"

I told him it was his choice to feel that way.

"Haha my choice? Im not the one who blew the other person off U know I thought U use 2 be cool but hey thx 4 hurtin me 4 someone else hope ur happy"

I didn't bother responding. Happy? Me? No, I can't say I'm happy, but I also can't say it's because of you that I'm not happy.

It took him a lot of nerve, I think, to even say that shit to me seeing as I'd never met him, texted with him for a day, invited him to go with me and a friend, and somehow, he leapt to the conclusion that in some way I kind of belonged to him and therefore owed him something. Nevermind the fact that he was all cuddly with the Slut on her couch. Maybe it was a feeble attempt to make me jealous, I don't know.

To me, this is one of those WTF?! moments that I may never fully understand. How about you all? Can you share your insight on any of this shit? And before any of you let the thought cross your mind that my drunken friendliness somehow equals the very shit I'm bitching about here, forget it. My sexual standards are still and always will be through the roof.

Back to the Weirdo. Before all of this happened with her son, I had texted him that night that Slut and I would just pick him up. He said that no, he'd meet us there because his mom didn't want company. Not even 5 minutes after he told me that, she called me and asked "did he tell you I didn't want you and Slut over here? Because that's not true at all. The house is just a mess, and I'd like to clean it up a little before company, that's all. I just wanted to make sure he didn't make you think I didn't want you to come over..." Seriously. Within five minutes, he had obviously told mommy what I had said about picking him up, and also told her that he had told me no. I'd be amazed if he doesn't tell mommy everything that happens in his life. She once asked me how things went between her son and myself - I told her I didn't know what went wrong. I still don't believe that he hadn't already told her the entire sordid story. This was back in early October - and she still drops hints that I should hook up with her son - that still has no job and still lives with her. She recently had to put her parents in a nursing home, and since the state was paying her caregiver wages for taking care of her parents at home, she no longer has the added income. Knowing full well that his mom needs the money because of the pay cut, he still hasn't gotten a job. I told her she should tell him to get himself employed or get the fuck out. She told me that she needs him there right now, for support, since her parents are all pissed at her for sticking them in a home. I just rolled my eyes, or something equally dismissive, and she told me she doesn't want to push him to get a job because it'll "make him mad" and she doesn't want him mad at her.

I seriously can't stomach these people anymore. The creepiness is spreading like a rash, and I'm praying I don't get any on me.

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melissa said...

omg is right! this woman is a dingbat and so is her son. they sound creepy.