The World is Watching, ASPCA, & You've Pissed Us Off

Over the last several days, the ASPCA’s killing of a dog named Oreo has ignited a furor among animal lovers nationwide. They tried to justify it by claiming she was aggressive. But the question of whether or not Oreo was beyond rehabilitation is merely a side story to the most significant issues raised by Oreo's execution. And while Oreo’s killing by those who were supposed to be her protectors has left too many questions unanswered, what has emerged as the most significant one is why did Ed Sayres, the President of the ASPCA, rush to kill an abused dog when the public demanded that she be saved and a sanctuary had offered her lifetime care?

Read the full article here: The Meaning of Oreo

The above image is a picture of Oreo minutes before the ASPCA killed her. So much for "vicious".

Lying, cruel, murderous hypocrites. You have utterly and irrevocably lost my support, ASPCA.

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