Semester One: Complete

First of all, let me say that I'm happy to have passed, regardless of what I'm about to say next.

Ok, then. There were at least five people that I know of that weren't at a passing level before we took the final. There is nobody I would not have liked to see pass, don't misunderstand me here. But the final was 100 of exactly the same questions we had on our first four prior tests. Seriously. The EXACT questions we'd already had. My theory is that the reason behind this is because so many people weren't passing that they had to pad the grades without actually padding the grades, you know?

Maybe this is easy for me to say, since I was one of the ones that was passing before the grade fix. Still though, I got 100% on the final, and I'm not thrilled - because, it was a no-brainer. Now, bear with me if you will, we all know how horrible I am at math. I haven't actually figured this up, but you'll note that I have to be correct. My test grade was at an 82% before the final. My quiz grade was 98%, and my homework grade was 100%. If.. 100% on a 100 question test only brought my test grade up to an 87% and my overall (homework, quizzes, tests) up to a 91% (which in nursing school, is a B - 92 up is an A) how, how, HOW did people who were sitting at 75's and below make it to 79% (79 in nursing is the lowest possible to still pass) even if they aced the final? Seriously. How is it possible?

There. Ponder that.


lucky one said...

congrats girl!!!!

Vixen said...

Thank you ♥

Next grueling semester starts in 16 days!

lucky one said...

you can do it!! i have faith and believe in you. :D