The Story of My Life: Letdown

What else could it be about but a man? I'm a magnet for all things male and bullshit.

Anyway, I've fallen behind on my movie ratings so I'm going to give you a few quick ones.

P2 = Not terrible but not good. I found it really predictable.

Carriers = Not bad, pretty good, but difficult to watch. Check it out.

Killing Room = You know what? I just don't know. I thought it was kind of boring, but it may appeal to other audiences. I thought Timothy Hutton looked pretty good in it though, which was basically the only reason I watched the entire thing.

As for the movies I mentioned in this post (I know, I haven't been keeping up well):

Drag Me to Hell = I thought it was hilarious! Maybe not a must see, but definitely a consider seeing.

The Betrayed = I liked it. What I can remember anyway. It's been awhile, you know.

Donkey Punch = Oh, just watch it.

Yes. My life is boring. You're too nice to say it out loud, but I know you're thinking it.

Here's my school schedule:

Monday - 9:10-11:50 and then 1:50-2:50
Tuesday - 7 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Wednesday - 7 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. and then 1:50-2:50
Thursday - 9:10 - 11:50 and then 1:00 - 4:00
Friday - 1:50 - 2:50

I still work a full shift every other weekend, and three days, 4-8, during the week.

And you wonder why I'm a perpetual bitch?


Punch said...

I've always dreamed of naming my first born male Donald Key Punch. He would get older and discover if he shortened his name, the first two words would be donkey, he would be perplexed by this grave error in judgment his father had made but wouldn't realize til on or about his fifteenth birthday just how much he hates me.

Christie said...

The RFSB Awards are back- get your nominations in!