An Update

Because I know you're waiting.

Work. Same old shit. I hate my job but I love some of my residents enough not to quit.. Yet. One of my favorite residents is in the hospital right now. I went to visit her yesterday and somehow we got on the topic of school. I told her my plan is to be working here another year and a half, until I graduate, and then I'll have to find another job. My current job doesn't hire RNs, just LPNs, that's why. She says to me, "either I'll have to move out of there in a year and a half, or die then." I told her I'd hear no talk like that and that she had plenty of time left. She got quiet and responded, "no, I really don't think so."

I hate my job!

I took an online Ethics class during the break from nursing. As usual, I waited until the last minute (literally the last week) to do all of the assignments. And I only barely touched the discussion topics (which were worth 130 points total). My teacher gave me a C, and I'm in love with him for this. Nursing, 2nd semester, starts this Tuesday. Another 16 weeks of stress. Yay.

The Weirdo, Border Whore & Skeletal Slut and I are all still the same. The Weirdo has started bitching about me at work - that she feels she's doing all the work. Hm. I'd say maybe she is. Except she's not. The last few times I've worked with her, I've gone in at 4. This means she's picked the tasks she's had and I've picked up the others. She chose what she wanted to do, so if she gave herself shit - that's her own fault. Instead of being smart enough to realize this, she's whining to others. I find I don't feel sorry for her. I just ignore her. I did, in fact, tell her previously that I was finished with her, should she be stupid enough to stand me up. I cannot be held responsible for her poor decision making.

I can't recall if I mentioned it before or not, so here it is again. The night she stood me up, she allegedly sent me texts (she told me this the following Monday) saying that she'd changed her mind and wanted to go. I never got them, and I told her this. She then showed me a phone number of a guy that she was texting instead of me. That she didn't have the right number. Umm.. Ok, the fallacies in this are as follows:
1. She had texted me earlier that same day to tell me she wasn't coming. How'd she lose my number that quickly?
2. Her son has my number and he lives with her.
3. She could have called work and gotten my number.
She's clearly lying. Or incredibily stupid. Whichever. I said "ok, whatever" and went on with my business. Later, she comes up to me and asks for my number again. I give it to her because it's on the employee list and she can get it anyway. She texts me later that evening (while we're still at work) and again, I don't get it. I say, "here, let me see that", and I take her phone. She has my number programmed in like this - 666#555#4444 with the "#" signs - like really? Who does that? She's never used a telephone before?

Do you believe me now? This is the shit I have to put up with here.

My Love Life: Yeah, we ain't gonna discuss that right now.

My furkids: Greatest furry creatures to ever walk the planet, still.. And always.

Ok, sharetime is over for now.

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