Just a Tiny Peek

This is the sort of thing I deal with on a regular basis. This time, it amused me. So, I'm sharing it with you.

Tommy Boy: Hi, I'm Tom. I saw your profile on Zoosk. You should put some more info there. The only thing we can tell is you're attractive. Do you mind telling me about you? What do you do? Where did you grow up? You're on a dating site, what are you looking for?

Me: I get enough weirdoes from zoosk by just adding my picture. Very few read any information written on there anyway. For example:
I avoid men with kids. Do you have kids?
I don't date men younger than me. How old are you?
I don't do "internet relationships". And I'm not interested in men more feminine than I am. I like animals better that people, so if you hunt, fish, otherwise harm an animal I'm not interested.
So say I put all of that, which I have before and you know what I get? Messages and friend requests from barely-straight men with 15 kids and sporting a flashy picture of them and a dead animal that was taken near their home in Zimbabwe.
Writing "about me" is a waste of time.

Tommy Boy: Wow, I wonder why you're single. Good luck!

Me: You too! Maybe try women without standards?

Thing is, maybe he's right. You think maybe this is why I'm single?

Perhaps. But if it is, then I'm just gonna be single.

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lucky one said...

you need standards in life, especialy when dating. otherwise is freak circus. tommy boy should get some of his own.
your standards rock!