An Argumentative Corpse Muncher: Take 2

So the little moron from my last post began tagging me in anti-vegetarian/vegan pictures. I posted on his wall, asking him not to:

Kindly stop tagging me in pictures, please. I don't care to have a thousand notifications because you like to "debate" with vegetarians/vegans. Thanks.
(And you must admit that I was much nicer about it than is per my norm.)

He ignores my request, and continues tagging me. So finally, after the 11th tag (I must be becoming more tolerant in my old age), I respond:

My Usual Charming Self: Ok, silly little boy. I asked you nicely not to tag me again, did I not? Are you seriously dense, or are you making an active attempt to get on my nerves?

The Argumentative Corpse Muncher: Do you think it's wrong to eat meat morally?

My Usual Charming Self: I believe I have already had this discussion with you. In that discussion you said to me "don't be an ass, and I won't."

Tagging me repeatedly after I specifically (and politely) asked you not to, is being an ass. So, again (because I'm assuming you're really just stupid), I'll say.. I.. am.. not.. interested in "debating" with you.

You may be able to bait and anger some vegetarians/vegans into spending their time arguing with you, but, you won't with me.

The Argumentative Corpse Muncher: I have been tagging everyone you know.

My Usual Charming Self: You tagging "everyone I know" has nothing to do with me. I asked you to stop tagging ME.

The Argumentative Corpse Muncher: Well I can try but I mostly just randomly hit on names.

My Usual Charming Self: Don't be stupid. You have "randomly" hit my name 11 times. Stop doing it.

Four of those times, since I specifically asked you to stop.

The Argumentative Corpse Muncher: Don't add in the times before when you didn't say anything. And you assume that I go out to look at what you say the second you type it.

My Usual Charming Self: Wow. You seriously are stupid. You said, "I randomly hit names", I said bullshit because you "randomly hit mine 11 times". The problem isn't that you tagged me the first 7 times, the problem is that you stated it was "random" when it clearly was not. But all of that aside, I asked you to stop, and you did it 4 MORE times. And it is perfectly logical for me to assume you look at what I say very soon after I've typed it just based on the rapid response time I've had here, as well as the speed at which you respond on Christina's pictures. You clearly have nothing better to do than sit online, eye-fuck vegetarian/vegan activities and try to goad them into paying attention to you. It is quite sad, honestly.

I told you I was fine if you remained on my friend's list, and so long as you respect my wishes, you're still welcome to do so. Because looking at some of the groups you’re a member of, it appears you DO care about animals in some sense, just not those you eat. I disagree, but.. I respect that. If I’m mistaken about your compassion for (some) animals, and you just joined those groups to antagonize those of us that do care about (all) animals, then just delete me from your friends list because that would make you an even bigger waste of my time than I’m allowing you to be right now.

I will not have a debate with you on animal anything. Nor will I bother explaining any of my perspective to you. Why? Because, for one, how can you possibly comprehend the concept of not harming or eating animals, when you can't even grasp the concept of not tagging someone on facebook?

Don’t bother answering that. Just grow up, quit lying, and stop tagging me.

End of.

He, ignores me (surprise!), but doesn't tag me for a bit. Sure enough, eventually, the tagging starts again.

My Usual Charming Self: Oh lookie. The twit tagged me again. The "ass" that told me that if I'm not an ass that he wouldn't be either.

Only thing worse than an ass Kyure, is a stupid ass. You, my idiotic little pathetic annoyance are a "stupid ass". A stupid ass that is no longer welcome to be my "friend".

If you put even half as much effort into upgrading your common sense and minimizing your idiocy as you do in arguing with vegans, you could almost be considered evolved.

Buh-bye now, little one.

Here, I deleted him from my friends list.

The Argumentative Corpse Muncher: Kandie you came off as kind of a bitch, which is why I ignored you.

Mhmm. Sure that’s why he ignored me. Whatever. But anyway, I may have to kick his ass just to say I did. If, you know, I get extremely bored anytime soon.

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