An Argumentative Corpse Muncher

“If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.”
~ Paul McCartney

First of all I'm going to add that normally I don't turn down invitations so tempting as this one. The reason I did so here was his delivery. I have never spoken to this person before and it is boringly apparent that he targets animal activists for the sole purpose of attempting to hone his argument. The.. Same.. Argument.. That every one of us has already heard over and over, ad nauseum. In fact, his opening line to me was exactly what he posted as a comment of a picture (on veganism) on Facebook that I was tagged in. That, and I've already read his argument that he's had with some of the other animal folks on my friend list.

As (almost) always, names have been omitted to protect the people I dislike just enough to actually bother to blog about.

The Argumentative Corpse Muncher: The animal rights extremists make it sound like anyone who kills animals for any reason are evil and torture animals. That is not true. There are good people and bad people everywhere. There are good and bad vegans and good and bad non-vegans. You can still care about animal rights while eating meat.

My Usual Charming Self: And hello to you, too.

The Argumentative Corpse Muncher: yep

My Usual Charming Self: I disagree with you on the pertinent points of the speech you just made. But, I won't bother to argue with you like will a lot of the animal rights extremists.

The Argumentative Corpse Muncher: lol
You can
just don't be an ass
and I won't

My Usual Charming Self: I have no interest in arguing with you
I don't particularly care about your perspective. I’ve heard it all before, and frankly, I find it boring.

The Argumentative Corpse Muncher: you can debate then
well ok

My Usual Charming Self: I won't change your mind, you won't change mine - so it's an exercise in futility.. for us both.

The Argumentative Corpse Muncher: I don't really care about yours but a good debate is a good debate

My Usual Charming Self: Is that why you messaged me? Because you'd like a debate?
do you make it a habit to just go around and message animal activists to have "good debates" with them?

The Argumentative Corpse Muncher: I haven't found out how many people added me because of christina yet and don't know I eat met
they should know

My Usual Charming Self: Christina suggested I befriend you.. So I did. I've also read the debate going on on one of the pictures she's tagged me in, therefore I know you eat meat.
The vast majority of people I know eat meat.
I don't agree. Simple as.
I'm sure I do things you don't agree with. But I don't care.

My Usual Charming Self: My perspective on the meat eating thing is that when something dies and dies horribly.. the hormonal changes that the body goes through in fear and death are still there when the animal dies. That's what you're eating. Whether or not you agree that those hormones are harmful, is irrelevant. But the karmic attachment to that is one that I choose not to upset.
So, do as you like. As will I.
You can stay on my friends list if you want to.. If you don't, you're free to go. Either way, doesn't bother me. I see your perspective, and now you know mine. But, I will not sit around and argue/debate with you.
Have a great day.

So he doesn't respond in chat, and a few moments later I get an email:

The Argumentative Corpse Muncher: March 12 at 3:36pm
so what do you eat that doesn't fear if you eat meat?

My Usual Charming Self: March 12 at 3:39pm
"Have a great day", is generally an end to a conversation. I assure you, it was intended to be an end to ours.

The Argumentative Corpse Muncher: March 12 at 3:40pm
I wanted to ask a follow up though. I wanted to know what type of meat you eat that isn't afrid when it dies

...Um.. Didn't he just kinda prove my point here? ALL things are afraid at death.

My Usual Charming Self: March 12 at 3:41pm
I don't eat meat.

At this point, he ceased to respond (at least this far). Apparently, I hadn’t made dislike of eating dead things clear enough in the previous portion of our conversation. Another problem with carnivores: They’re slow and simple minded.


Warwak said...

Excellent way to handle the brain-dead!

Vixen said...

Thanks :)

Sometimes, it's just necessary.